By on February 22, 2012

A hot hatch that’s up on power and 220 lbs lighter than the model it replaces? What a novel concept!

The Peugeot 208 GTI you see here is officially a “concept”, but the 208 itself is very real, and will replace the outgoing 207 model. The premium hot hatch segment is growing in Europe, with the Audi A1 and Citroen DS3 being the latest examples. Audi and Citroen both offer “hot” versions of their wares, but the 208’s 197 horsepower 1.6L turbo 4-cylinder and estimated 2535 lb curb weight , that puts it roughly in league with the Mini Cooper S in terms of power-to-weight ratio. Every Peugeot hot hatch has had to live in the shadow of the Peugeot 205 GTI, while Renault and Citroen’s latest entries have become critical favorites in Europe. The 208 GTI will get its debuted at March’s Geneva Auto Show.

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17 Comments on “Peugeot 208 GTI Adds Lightness As Well As Power...”

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    I love the phrase “adds lightness.” Not a bad looking vehicle, either.

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    Hmm, this French GTI might get me out of my German GTI. Good looking and light weight.

    Pity the US won’t get one.

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      If the rumors are true of the pending Peugot-GM alliance we could very well see one in the future…Buick maybe…man that would be awesome yes?

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        the notion of a Peugeot-GM alliance is disturbing. But then, back in ’65, when my parents replaced the ’57 Chevy with a Peugeot 404, well, lets just say Peugeot was just way ahead of GM in quality and driving dynamics, and the 404’s styling was vastly different from anything GM had, although GM certainly had some very nice looking cars. Now it seems as if nothing is all that different from anything else, and a Peugeot-GM alliance sounds like a harbinger of car pods.

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        With several Peugeots being rebadged Mitsubishis, it’s a shame that the latter wouldn’t take some of Peugeot’s hatches and rebadge them as Mitsubishis … and sell them in North America.

        Mitsubishi could certainly use the help in that portion of their offerings, as well as in general. They aren’t doing too well, after all.

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    Remember: “Born in East LA” when the pretty redhead walk’s in to Cheech’s shop and he rolls out from under a car to see up her dress and she says, “I have a black Peugeot” to which he replys, “Yeah, I didn’t think you were a natural redhead.”

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      Oh my, I thought I was the only one that could remember that film LOL

      The 208 GTi is just about to be produced, not just a concept… I have driven the 207RC and it performs very well, let’s see how it goes with less weight and more power, also made a test drive on the 308 RC and with the same engine tuned as the RCZ has a very nice response.
      Here will be called 208 RC for sure since VW has a very sharp image on the public’s mind aboyt the GTI badge.


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    Hot hatches rule, and we need to see more of them on this side of the Atlantic, but 220 HP pushed through the front wheels will give way to torque steer.
    Has Peugeot modified the diff and transaxle to accommodate that power?

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    “I love the phrase “adds lightness.” Not a bad looking vehicle, either.”

    The motto of a famous airplane designer was “Simplifcate and add lightness.” At least one of these aims is included here.

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    Mark MacInnis

    The picture is an artists rendering. That means it is vaporware until we see it in real-world, Derek’s assertions notwithstanding….

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      No, it is not. The 208 has been officially revealed already and they roll this concept out as a preview to the sporty trim level that is due later this year/early next year. So it is the real thing.

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    I’m the proud owner of a 207 GTi and if they are going to improve upon such a great formual it’ll be more than welcome.

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    I recall a TG UK episode where the super veloce and super leggera Italian cars added lightness by removing standard equipment such as radio and air con – but not installing those items actually cost money laughably. Wonder if its the same here.

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    Sure looks way better than the Peugeot that Lt. Columbo drove!!!

    BTW- loved the Cheech Marin commemnt, made my day!

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