Ford To Surrender To Gen Why, Will Euro-Trash Mustang

Bertel Schmitt
by Bertel Schmitt
ford to surrender to gen why will euro trash mustang

Nostalgia is so last Millennium says Ford. The new Mustang will ditch retro in an attempt to appeal to Generation Y, the folks that do not want to driver their forebears’ cars or dreams. According to the Wall Street Journal, the new Mustang will retain the shark-nosed grille and round headlights, but will “look more like the new Ford Fusion than the current Mustang.”

Says the Journal:

“The new Mustang is due as a 2014 model, and will look somewhat like an Aston Martin, the high-price sports car often featured in James Bond movies. People who have seen the new Mustang said it is almost a body double for the Evos concept car that Ford showed at the Frankfurt auto show last fall.”

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  • Landcrusher Landcrusher on Apr 17, 2012

    Afflo, It's as American as apple pie. Regardless of what they shot for, it's American now. We are almost always drawing inspiration from people other than the natives.

  • Ryoku75 Ryoku75 on Apr 17, 2012

    I wouldn't mind a refresh, but I'd like it to still be distinct from other Fords, something that says "I'm the new Mustang!". Judging by that picture, it could just easily be a special version of a Fusion or a Focus, theres nothing that sets it apart. Plus, a Mustang with Focus styling cues is like a Camaro with Sonic cues, it just dosen't work. By ques I mean "Using the same exact front end".

  • El scotto Having really bad SATO flashbacks. Someone from Alamo would stop by the SATO office and stuff some display rack with 10$ off at Alamo! coupons. Off on another mission for Truth, Justice, and the American Way of Life! Well OK, I was off to talk to some tech reps. Riding the shuttle bus to Alamo I inwardly prayed please, oh please may there be a Neon and not a damn Sebring! Neons were by and far one of the best cheap rental cars.
  • Inside Looking Out Another reason to switch to Tesla. And do not forget that there are two Fords. Ford Blue will die with UAW and ecoboost and Ford E will live on.
  • The Oracle Here in the mountains of WNC these willbe all over the place.
  • The Oracle A proper clunker from a bygone era.
  • Zerofoo I'm pretty sure driving this thing in any respectable town is considered probable cause.