Geneva 2012: Jaguar XF Sportbrake Cleanses Our Retinas

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler
geneva 2012 jaguar xf sportbrake cleanses our retinas

Just when it seemed like the Geneva Auto Show was going to be the automotive equivalent of a Christian Audigier trade show, Jaguar comes out with the XF Sportbrake, something that looks good and has a practical use.

The term shooting brake was derived from the vehicles that transported the English Gentry and their hunting parties. They were luxurious, had interiors that matched their tweed outfits and could carry powerful shotguns. Over time, the definition has evolved, but sticking with the original helps me feel better about wearing a Barbour coat.

First of all, we will not be getting the Sportbrake in North America. The combination of a lack of gasoline engine choices and not having the appropriate federalization carried out means that Roman Polanski will return to America before the XF Sportbrake makes it over here. With a choice of Jaguar’s new 2.2L or 3.0L diesel engines and an 8-speed automatic, the XF should be able to offer more than adequate performance while eschewing Jaguar’s lovely but thirsty V8 mills.

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  • Jerseydevil Jerseydevil on Mar 06, 2012

    stunning. absolutely stunning. figures we cant get one.

  • Niky Niky on Mar 07, 2012

    Roman Polanski's going back? Would you know the flight number and date? I could use the reward money. - It's a wagon, it's a diesel and it's fast. Best of all worlds. Which means it won't ever sell in America. I love it. Doesn't look any less sexy than the sedan, which, with the turbodiesel six, is about all the car you'll ever need. Drove one on the racetrack two years ago and fell in love. Astounding brakes, good handling and nice grunt (we ticked off 0-62 in around seven seconds). The addition of more rear headroom and a place for the dog to sit in back makes it perfect.

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