Toyota 86 Priced At $25,848 In Japan

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler
toyota 86 priced at 25 848 in japan

As if the Ford Escape pricing details weren’t exciting enough, Toyota has priced their new 86 sports car in Japan, with a base price of $25,848. But to get anything approaching normal equipment levels, you’ll pay $31,000

Four trim levels – Customize Grade, G, GT and GT Limited – will be offered. The Customize Grade has unpainted bumpers and seems to be targeted at those who want to customize their 86. The G Grade will cost $31,000, a GT will cost $36,239 and a GT Limited will set you back $38,578.

Options include a limited-slip differential, projector headlights, aluminum pedals and an automatic transmission. A strong yen is going to make pricing the Scion FR-S difficult for Toyota USA. Scion previously claimed it would start below $30,000, but that’s hardly encouraging in the context of “affordable sports car”.

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  • CJinSD CJinSD on Jan 27, 2012

    Chances are the Scion FR-S will be somewhere between $22,850 and $26,995. You can quote me. It will have everything standard that is important, since I doubt they will offer A/C as an option requiring them to send four different trim levels to dealers. There will be manual FR-Ss and automatic FR-Ss. Everything else will be a dealer installed option, and the standard equipment level will approximate the Japanese market G grade car.

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    • DeadWeight DeadWeight on Jan 27, 2012

      @DeadWeight Thank you. Given that list, I assume that a limited slip differential, keyless entry & a passive alarm/anti-theft system will be standard on all models, too? Also, what will be the key differentiation between the 86 and the Subaru BRZ, in terms of features and/or pricing, if you know as of now? Thanks again.

  • FJ60LandCruiser FJ60LandCruiser on Jan 27, 2012

    25 grand is a perfect price for this car. not base, out the door. why? because as you increase in cost, faster options become available (like the genesis coupe and 370Z), and the success of this car isn't based on the 40 or so people on the FT-86 forums who have discussed and flamed about this car for the last two years but may not even have the means of buying one. its success is based on casual buyers who see a small, great handling RWD coupe and have not that much cash. if what i think is true, and that greedy bastard toyota/scion dealers slap on a 5 grand additional dealer mark-up on every 86 they get their hands on, then i think this limited production car will be DOA. the same goes for the BRZ, except that the better competition will be sitting on the DEALER LOT in the form of WRX and STi imprezas.

  • Inside Looking Out Inside Looking Out on Jan 28, 2012

    Do these cars have any charisma? To me they look like typical FWD Asian cars. Like Integra e.g. And what is the point of offering two identical cars under different brands? Will it be better than AWD Impreza?

    • Mnm4ever Mnm4ever on Jan 30, 2012

      Have you been following this car at all on here? The "charisma" is in the RWD layout, the front-mid engine location, and the lower CoG from the boxer engine. It doesnt look like typical FWD Asian cars, FWD Asian cars were designed to look like RWD cars. Identical cars from different brands? To reduce development costs, mostly. Some buyers wouldn't be caught dead in a Scion, and Subaru needed/wanted a sports car to round out thier lineup. Many people won't even look twice at a Subie because they are kind of ugly. Who cares as long as we get a good car from it? Better than an AWD Impreza?? Assuming you are talking specifically about the WRX, then I suppose it would depend on how you define "better". They are not really comparable cars in almost any way besides projected pricing. If you are looking for a N/A RWD sport coupe, you are not shopping WRX. Then again if you need usable back seat room and 4drs in your $25k performance car, the 86 is off your list. If all you care about is pure performance, I imagine the WRX is going to be better. The standard turbo motor obviously has more tuning potential, the AWD chassis grip is amazing, dozens of tuning companies are devoted to the WRX market, you can bring 3 buddies from work to lunch in your WRX easily, baby seats fit OK in back, etc, etc. But lets face it... no matter how much I love the WRX/STI, its ugly. My wife hates them. My teenage daughter and her friends hate them. They are pure guys cars, loved purely for thier performance potential. And while AWD grip is great, RWD is more fun, more pure. Turbo motors cannot match the linear power delivery of a nicely tuned NA motor. This is a Miata with a hardtop and more power, you dont see anyone complaining that the Miata needs AWD.

  • Grahambo Grahambo on Jan 28, 2012

    Props to L'avventura for the eminently reasonable and well reasoned posts above. If this car FEELS as good as initial reports suggest, then sign me up. I don't care if a Mustang or Genesis Coupe will crucify it from a numbers perspective. Living in LA for four years taught me that there will always be someone (thousands, actually) who will have a faster ride . . . a more expensive ride . . . a more exclusive ride. Just give me harmony, balance and connectness, the essence of fun to drive -- "internal" happiness as opposed to "external" happiness. In other words, give me a modern day 944 (with a reduced cost of ownership) -- which I think and hope this will turn out to be.