Suzuki To Broadcast Super Bowl Ad – Who Is Suzuki Again?

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler
suzuki to broadcast super bowl ad 8211 who is suzuki again

For a brand that seemingly doesn’t have two nickels to rub together, a Super Bowl ad spot is quite an expenditure. Suzuki, makers of…umm…the GSX-R motorcycle, and some other assorted wares, will be broadcasting an ad during the Super Bowl. Apparently, the products have four wheels, not two. Who knew?

This is also the second year in a row that Suzuki has run a Super Bowl ad. Doesn’t seem like it’s brought them a positive ROI, has it? The spot, which highlights the Kizashi sedan’s AWD drivetrain, does have some adorable Husky sled dogs in it, but that’s not going to be enough to convince people to fork over money for one. Maybe it’s an awareness campaign to let Americans know that Suzuki still exists?

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  • Akitadog Akitadog on Jan 27, 2012

    Their new Swift would complement the Kizashi perfectly in this market, especially if they brought a turbo-4/6-speed over in some hot-hatch version. In fact, their Super Bowl ad should have been something that included both cars, power-sliding or something; kind of in a "we're back" vein.

  • Bimmer Bimmer on Jan 27, 2012

    I wonder if Fiat will offer Sedici (aka Suzuki SX4) at our shores?

  • Inside Looking Out Inside Looking Out on Jan 28, 2012

    Just made your damn bikes and pianos and leave us alone, pack and move out of US. Kizashi is the previous gen Chevy Malibu, I would rather buy new one. We would like but cannot support all Japanese manufacturers. Russians may buy Suzuki for reasonable price (I would not since Ford Focus is available). Japanese companies tend to make everything. Mitsu makes cars, ships, airplanes, rocket launchers, TVs and other electronics, musical instruments, medical equipment, banking and list goes on and on. America simply cannot feed all these monsters. BTW Japan has trade deficit and debt is 200% of GDP. It is not like US is any better but exactly because of that US has limitation in supporting the whole global economy. In the end we have to care of ourselves too.

  • Darex Darex on Jan 29, 2012

    The Kizashi had one of the most impressive interiors of the cars I sat in at the suto show two years ago. I wouldn't hesitate to buy one, but I don't do "trunks".

    • Inside Looking Out Inside Looking Out on Jan 29, 2012

      It may have the best interior in the industry but first you have to force yourself to ignore exterior to be able enjoy interior. SAAB used the same platform and was a nicer car. And where is SAAB now? Formula simply does not work. There are better cars around.