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After spending some time in IsraelBotswana and Malta over the last few weeks, we are back in Asia this weekend to visit flooded Bangladesh.

If the sight of flooded streets is becoming too much for you, that’s okay, I have thought of you and prepared info about car sales in 155 additional countries that you can explore in my blog, so click away!

Now back to Bangladesh. With over 140 million inhabitants living in a country significantly smaller than Florida, you’d expect traffic jams to be commonplace, and they are indeed.

It’s just that the streets are not filled with the cars you’d expect from a country relatively similar to big neighbor India…

To rejig your memory let me just remind you that India is the kingdom of Maruti Suzuki with the Alto and Wagon R minis extremely successful. Hyundai with its i10 is also up there, and by and large the majority of cars sold in India are very small by international standard. To such an extent that what are called ‘small cars’ in the US are considered relatively luxurious cars in India: I’m talking Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic.

This is where the Bangladesh car landscape becomes really interesting.

And No there are no official sales figures that I could find online to establish the best-selling cars in Bangladesh so my old mate YouTube was once again very insightful here to help me come up with a rough ranking for you. However if you do have access to any official data about Bangladesh car sales you have to raise your hand and share the love ASAP!

You see, there are relatively high taxes imposed on Indian imports in Bangladesh and this means all the little Maruti Suzukis that pack the streets of Mumbai and Delhi do not find their way very easily into Bengali streets in spite of the proximity.

But no such thing for Japanese car imports.

The result is that (who else but) Toyota holds 80 percent of the Bengali market and should in all likelihood place the Corolla in pole position by far, a feat that would be absolutely impossible in India due to its high price there. Another element to take into account is that the Bengali car market is only just starting to blossom, with the car still an extravagance only reserved to the elite, therefore having a ‘luxury’ car on top of the sales ranking kind of makes sense.

The other Toyotas popular in Bangladesh are the Noah…


and Allion.

Again this is not a foolproof estimation and is only based on observation of recent YouTube videos of the streets of the capital Dhaka, so if you have more precise information please ensure you get in touch.

Matt Gasnier, based in Sydney, Australia, runs a blog named Best Selling Cars, dedicated to counting cars all over the world.

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10 Comments on “Best Selling Cars Around The Globe: Posh Tastes In Bangladesh...”

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    Hey Matt, have you tried to test your Youtube method of finding out which car is most popular in a nation by doing the same on a country which does publish car sales figure, to see if it’s actually accurate? If you do that for the U.S., for example you would expect to see a large number of F-150s. Is this the case? I have to agree that the popular cars in Bangladesh seem awfully nice for a country of that per-capita income. And at least a magnitude higher than India’s, which supposedly had much bigger and better economy.

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      Funny you should say that Mr Whopee, because I did actually compare the two :-). There are some countries like Sudan or Egypt where the only data I had for a while was derived from my YouTube observations, then I got official data or help from someone living there. It’s not 100% correct but surprisingly accurate…

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        One more thing: the YouTube method doesn’t work for mature and fragmented countries like the US where you would need to view videos of a lot of different cities and country towns to come to the same ranking as the official data. Countries with a limited market like most countries in Africa or Asia are fine because the traffic in the capital city corresponds pretty much to what cars you would see in the rest of the country, if that makes sense…

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        Ah I see. That’s what I was getting, you see. If you look at a typical slice of American road you don’t see as many F150s as the sales data suggest. You do see an inordinate amount of Camrys though, which might lead you to conclude Camry’s #1 in the U.S. But you’re also right, in less developed countries most of the cars are in the capital, because that’s where the money pooled (not to mention the where the roads are). Even in large countries like Indonesia, most of the cars sold are still in the capital, that’s why my city is chock full of cars and you can’t barely get anywhere anymore!

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    Geographically, Israel can be considered to be both in Africa and Asia. It’s generally considered to be part of Asia Minor but the Jordan River valley is a continuation of Africa’s Rift Valley and Israel is on the African side of the rift.

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    Would it be in poor taste to point out the irony of selling a car named Noah in a country that has annual flooding?

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    I want the “Jon” boat dealership rights in Bangladesh.

    Flat bottomed. Inexpensive compared to other boat-types.

    Easily transportable due to low weight. Nearly unsinkable when foam inserts under built-in seating installed.

    Easily rowed, sculled or propelled by small engine/prop installed at rear.

    Very handy when cyclonic storms arrive or when the monsoon rolls around.

    Observe the hordes of humanity present within Bangladesh…if current policies continue the USA faces future crowding of a similar nature.

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    This is a recent street view of Dhaka… so have a look and it will give you some idea…on Dhaka cars..

    This is another article on Bangladesh … this may also help..

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