Automobile Magazine And The New Pimpatorialism

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer

Once upon a time, this stuff was easy. When Jean Jennings needed a little extra pocket change all she had to do was… make an ad. Like this one, for the Silverado. Or this one, for Jeep (which I swear was still visible less than a year ago). Nowadays, however, you’ve got to be a little more careful about how you go about lending your “editorial credibility” to one of the brands you’re supposed to be covering rather than shilling for. So instead of the straight-up “Hi, I’m Jean Jennings, Editor-in-Chief of Automobile Magazine, and here’s why I love Chevy’s Silverado” pimpatorial of the past, you’ve got to layer on the irony, load up on non-car-related distractions (I’ve got it… a puppet!) and generally avoid the personal testimonial format as much as possible.

Yes, the pimpatorial game is becoming more subtle… another example: Motor Trend boss Angus Mackenzie’s Subaru-funded adventure of personal discovery that happened to be featured in both his magazine and Subaru’s Drive Magazine. But when it comes to crossing the line between editorial and advertising, isn’t more subtlety a bad thing? If the editor of a buff book is going to shill for a product or brand, wouldn’t you rather they just come out and do it so you can get on with ignoring conclusions to comparison tests like

Ford has unabashedly pandered to those of us who care about driving by designing an efficient, comfortable mainstream car that absolutely nails the finer points of steering feel, suspension tuning, and overall driver involvement. Our vote goes to the Focus.

? Ford has also “unabashedly pandered” to your E-I-C and her appreciation for fat checks… and even if your conclusions are correct, they should be ignored. I’m generally a fan of subtlety, but to paraphrase Homer Simpson, I like my beer cold, my meat red, and my sell-outs shameless.

Edward Niedermeyer
Edward Niedermeyer

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  • Frontline Frontline on Sep 20, 2011

    Wow ! I did not know DED jr had it in for Jean... I had not heard that.

    • Proscriptus Proscriptus on Sep 29, 2011

      You didn't see her Stockholm Syndrome obit for him, then. DED messed her up good.

  • Hifi Hifi on Sep 27, 2011

    I still enjoy Automobile magazine. Although seeing this, I'm going to look at it differently The lack of separation of editorial and commerce definitely impacts the magazines credibility. Although it is yet to be seen whether it's a positive or a negative. On one hand, to prevent biased coverage, editorial should be completely unbiased and removed from advertising and marketing. On the other hand, brands need to have good relationships with editors and other influencers. And being on the pulse of the industry can only help produce better products. This Ford example isn't so bad. But I have a huge problem with the Silverado spot, which is clearly just a paid ad touting the awesomeness of "every generation" of GM truck. Please.

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