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What car for the Chinese man who has everything? Easy answer: A golden car! Golden cars are all the rage in the Middle Kingdom, where ostentatiousness has entered the Rococo age: The man who lives in a mansion adorned with turrets, pillars and gold-plated putti of course needs to have the wheels that complement his eclectic tastes. The car industry is happy to oblige. Carnewschina has found this gaudy Siebener parked down by the street. Perfect in hot weather, saves a lot of energy over the usual black. You think that’s an isolated case?

Remember the gold-plated Infiniti G37 that was arrested in Nanjing for standing around without the proper tags and license? It ended up in a jewelery store in Nanjing. It also was featured prominently in state-owned Xinhua.

How about a bit more subdued? For slightly less conspicuous consumption, GM China has an all chrome Buick Excelle XT for you, shown at the Shanghai Auto Show.

This created a trend amongst the less fortunate, as this chrome-plated BMW X5M attests.



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19 Comments on “China Announces The Bling Dynasty...”

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    Gosh. What the hell is wrong with China..Even coming up with a golden car. I honestly think that this is rediculous. Why would anyone need a car that shiny anyway?

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    Chrome plated plastic bumpers? It must be some type of paint.

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    I normally associate chrome with ghetto mobiles, but ooohhh! I want that X5!!!

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    That Infiniti on the recovery truck may be gold, but the Bimmer looks more like brass than gold to me.

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    Ok, people, hands up if you still think China is a communist state.

    Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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      Having lived there for extended periods of time, I can honestly say that China’s communist days are over. They are a capitalist/socialist hybrid (just like America) but, since they don’t have the huge racial divide that America does, they don’t mind improving the quality of life for their people (Han Chinese) and they never have entire groups of morons (Tea bagger members) trying to cut off necessary services such as schooling or infrastructure projects just to save a dime on their own taxes. AND THAT’S WHY CHINA IS KILLING AMERICA. The government SAYS and the people DO. They see the big picture and meanwhile America IS DROWNING IN DEBT AND STUPIDITY.

      But hey, I’ve got a Chinese girl – at least if things go down here, I can always escape to China where I can work the jobs they took from us and make back money we funneled to them.

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    Hands up if you still think the US is a free country.

    [at least one hand goes up]


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      At least the Chinese know that they are not a free country(not yet, anyway). Amerikans still think they live in one. lolz

      Hands up if you think the US was really wealthy during the last 7 decades.

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      Despite America’s problems (and Lord knows we have plenty of them)…I’ll still take my chances here versus any other country on the face of the earth. When I wake up Monday (in the house, city and state of my chosing), I’ll go to work to a job that I applied for and got…one that was my choice. I’ll drive to that job in a car that I paid for…one that I chose. Is it my dream car? Hardly…but I like it and I know that I can switch out and buy any other number of cars tomorrow, if I so decide. Although I don’t agree with the swath of politicians that were voted in last time around, they were voted in by the general populace, and in four (or six) years, they can just as easily be replaced. And if I disagree with something, I am free to respond without fear of retribution (well, with the exception of incurring Herr Schmitt’s wrath if I cross certain behavioral norms!). Am I naive? Maybe…but we’ve seen worse and pulled through…I believe we’ll do it again.
      As for the blinged out cars…well, not sure what to say, actually. The chrome X5 looks pretty sharp, at least in pictures!

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    Robert Schwartz

    OK, Bertel, you don’t think there is going to be some back lash from this sort of thing?

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      Which reminds me. The Chinese is the single wealthiest ethnic group in Southeast Asia. In my country alone we only have a handful of dollar billionaires. Two are Spanish and 3 Chinese. And they do their darnest not to attract attention to their riches. The opposite seems to be happening in China. But then again there are no resentment from other ethnic groups unlike here which is like the kidnapping capital of Asia.

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    That brings up the paucity of color selections in American cars. Do the Chinese have a bigger selection of exterior/interior colors than Americans (besides bullion finishes)? If so, why is it that we can’t order pink Cadillacs anymore – or orange, or yellow, or even maroon?

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    Ah, China.

    The People’s Supreme Socialist Secretariat has passed a diktat that from now on all fellow proliteriat comrades will be Capitalists.

    This ruling is final. There will be no exceptions. The Party has Spoken.

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    With gold prices the way they are, if I lived close to this BMW I would scratch my nails on it everyday and collect the shavings…

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