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In the Saab soap, it looks like Vladimir Antonov does no longer want to be invited back. Swedish Aftonbladet reports that “Vladimir Antonov is pissed” (at least that’s Google’s translation for “Vladimir Antonov är förbannad”) and is looking  into legal action against  Sweden’s Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, Finance Minister Anders Bork and Maud Olofsson, Minister for Enterprise and Energy.

And while Vlad the Impaler is at it, he also wants to sue the Swedish government as a whole and the management of the European Investment Bank EIB. He feels cheated and says the Swedish government is double dealing.

“We are totally unsympathetic to this,” said Johanna Martin, Press Secretary of Maud Olofsson, when Aftonbladet asked for a comment. The EIB had no comment at all.

The chances of Mr. Antonov to prevail in a court in Stockholm or  Luxembourg are pretty slim. It might get more interesting if he asks his pal Putin to sail a submarine up the Göta Älv and to shell the city.

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13 Comments on “Saab Soap, The Endgame: Antonov Wants War!...”

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    Shouldn’t Antonov be happy about the state of affairs? Shouldn’t he hug and kiss all available members of the EIB and the Swedish government for saving him that much money? I don’t get it.

    My solution for a happy ending: Antonov should team up with Kerkorian (to learn more about the pitfalls of automotive industries), and Saab should be bought up by Morgan (the Morgan Motor Company, to avoid confusion). Synergy effects, abundant!

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      This is usually the end of it. At lot of smoke grenades are thrown by both sides to provide cover for retreat. “During a pending lawsuit” of course there can be no further activities. Slighted governments usually are most dangerous in that phase. An audit can always find SOMETHING …

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      This is all very confusing to me, and I think it is harming the SAAB brand to such an extent, I wonder if it could even survive to tranform into a non-automotive entity. :-(

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    Hey I am pro Saab long live the zombie car co but what I really do not understand is if Saab is gonna die and this dude whats to invest in it why not let him, so he is shady, so is the gov’t I see no sense in letting it go in chap what ever in sweden unless there is a side deal to buy it out of chapter what ever. What is the down side of the russian buying it and wasting his money trying to save it?

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      The rich Russian banker doesn’t have the money to do it alone.

      The EIB is owed some $350 million. I guess, if someone would give the EIB the $350 million and the interest due, they would happily let it go.

      Then there are the outstanding debts. The suppliers supposedly are owed $140 million. GM is owned $326 million.

      Add working capital to get the company up to speed, and you are talking way ove a billion. Antonov doesn’t have it. #

      He needs another bank to take the loan. I doubt he will find it. So, it’s back to the EIB.

      In order to save Saab from bankruptcy, Antonov could invest money into Saab. He wants shares for that. The EIB doesn’t want that as long as they hold the note.

      Even if Antonov would find a lot of money, GM would have to say yes. They said they would let him in, with conditions. Nobody knows what these conditions are, but I guess he has not met them.

      From the noises he is making, the game is over.

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        That’s right. If he had the money he could pay back the money SAAB owes EIB. Then EIB would have no saying. I wonder who owns the right to the SAAB name for automobiles. Living in Linköping and a former SAAB Aircraft Division employee with still many friends at SAAB (the aircraft, defence company) I know that the real SAAB is not happy about the situation. Many people mixes the companies up and you could imaging an American aerospace company getting a purchse order for some parts, they are not willing to ship anything to SAAB aerospace unless they get paid in advance as they think they are dealing with the crookes in Trollhättan. So people here at real SAAB is pissed also. But pissed might only be the right translation if you are American as the Brittons would probably say ” very angry, indeed”. In Brittish English pissed could mean “drunk as a parrot”.
        Regardning the SAAB name for cars I guess that GM and SAAB AB (real SAAB) has both something to say about the rights. It’s the same for Volvo (making truck, busses, excavators) being mixed up with the chinese car producer in Göteborg.

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    Antonov may sue whomever he pleases. However, if for some reason he becomes a major Saab owner, he will need the cooperation of the Swedish government and possibly the EIB whenever Saab decides to make a major transaction. He will be burning numerous bridges on his way to court.

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    We are sure going to miss SAAB in a week or two when they are gone. We need to find something else to talk about.

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      Great idea!
      How about:
      – The future of small car companies?
      – On the chances and risks of “minority car” producers?
      – Will VW (or Tata) buy them all? And then?
      – Why the new Morgan 3 Wheeler ( won’t/should be produced at the empty Saab factories.

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    Maybe it will take Swedes, SaabAuto, Russia and Russians to debunk the “German auto-superiority myth”. Where is the Russian auto industry anyway? Why copy machine tools and go thru the engineering when they can be bought for relative cheap?

    PLEASE. Somebody. Saved the world from GASM, before its too late.

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      Sam P

      The German auto superiority myth is just that – a myth. German cars drive wonderfully, but are increasingly complex for the sake of complexity and impractical to own outside of warranty.

      For the non-enthusiast driver, a good American or Asian car is the best bet.

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        Maybe if you are north American! According to most europeans good american cars does not exists. They are as expensive here as premium european cars, the spare parts are at least as expensive. Here in Europe German cars are considered to be very reliable and of good quality. Most Asian cars also. People are starting to buy Chevvys here, when they now know they are coming from Korea!

        So I drive American! With the reputation American cars have here the depreciation is enormous. A brand new Cadillac STS costed 79000 USD 2005! I picked that up with 25000 mi and in very good (as new) condition for less than a used VW Passat, I do the service myself and buys the filters etcetera from USA (oilfilter from the USA 7 USD, in Europe 27 USD!)

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    Silly Russian and Chinese rich folks don’t know how to invest their money. Kinda like BMW, Daimler-Benz, Ford and GM when they all went on a shopping spree for inferior British, Swedish and American makes. We all know how that turned out. lol

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