Garrapatas Peligrosas! BS Inspections, Texas Style

Murilee Martin
by Murilee Martin
garrapatas peligrosas bs inspections texas style

The 24 Hours of LeMons has been racing at MSR Houston since 2008, and so we’re used to Shiner Bock, 100% humidity, and Taurus SHOs.

Dangerous ticks! The racers seem a bit puzzled by the name of the race, but the event patch is sure to become a sought-after collector’s item in the future.

The Cajun Coonasses’ Rolling Stones-themed “Beast of Burden” Saturn SC features an authentic Keith Richards-style cigarette in its grille now.

The Index of Effluency-winning Fairmont wagon of Property Devaluation Racing now has Brown Car Appreciation Society sponsorship. This car generally eats 1.6 Ford 302 engines per race, but we’re hoping it will manage to contend for an overall win this weekend.

The IOE-winning Sensory Assault RX-7 will feature a LeMons first: an engine-coolant-operated moonshine still in the car. The bottle in the foreground contains the fermented mash. Should work great!

We had high hopes for the Moose Knuckles Racing Porsche 924 after their nightmare JB Weld cylinder-head-repair frenzy at the last MSR race; they got exactly zero laps (half-laps behind the tow truck don’t count) at that event.

Sadly, things don’t look promising for the Porsche, what with the massive engine fire it suffered during practice this morning. Ai-ya!

The green flag waves at 10:30 Saturday morning, and I’ll try to do an update or two if I have the time. Failing that, I’ll have the usual end-of-day race update tomorrow night.

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  • NSF Racing NSF Racing on Jun 04, 2011

    Allen Iverson, of the 76'ers, proven right on the "practice" arguement by the unlucky MKR team and their Porsche-b-que.

  • PrincipalDan PrincipalDan on Jun 04, 2011

    Fairmont Wagon. If only a rebuilt 302 and C6 transmission weren't beyond the price range of this class of racing... lol.

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