By on April 25, 2011

The Index of Effluency, 24 Hours of LeMons racing’s top prize, goes to the team that achieves beyond all expectations in an unspeakably terrible car. That means, most of the time, something like an MGB-GT or Chevy S10. A 1987 Mazda RX-7, a pretty quick and reliable car in most cases, wouldn’t qualify for IOE status… under normal circumstances. In the case of the lunatic Texans of Team Sensory Assault, however, we’ve got a silk purse that’s been turned into a sow’s ear, then shot full of holes, fed through a shredder, and boiled in chlorine triflouride.

After about 10 LeMons races, Sensory Assault had managed to achieve Ununhexium Legend of LeMons status, mostly due to to antics such as their unsafe-n-insane LeMons Line-Lock and their exhaust-heat-operated rib-cooker. That didn’t mean that they did so well in the standings at any of their races, with black flags and busted RX-7 parts keeping them down in the celler of the standings, race after race. Adding a junkyard turbocharger to the car served to make the car even worse, a feat we didn’t believe possible. Their best performance, prior to the North Dallas Hooptie, was something like 39th place. This weekend, however, Sensory Assault managed to get their horrid pink hooptie into ninth place. Will they ever manage to do such a thing again? Probably not. For now, though, IOE glory is theirs. Congratulations, Sensory Assault!

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6 Comments on “And the Real Winner Is…...”

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    Felis Concolor

    Hm, the overall and IOE winner are both Mazdas. Has any prior LeMons seen both the overall win and IOE go to vehicles produced by the same manufacturer?

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    I was hoping to see that the RX-7 was powered by a Rover v8 or something.  Hmm.  Doesn’t seem particularly horrible to me.  But then, I wasn’t there…its possible all the truly horrible cars were actually horrible and died off. 

    And they did do an Easter bunny theme. 

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    I’ve seen very few technical blog posts with more universal traction than Dr. Lowe’s ClF3 discussion. The whole “Things I Won’t Work With” series is worth a read. Many commentators continue to push for him to write a short book.

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    no mention of the onboard air compressor and pneumatically operated air brake? well, in case you weren’t there and were wondering what that big ass pink/white board is on the top. that’s what it is.

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    Pepto Pink! Gotta love it. It does show that perseverance pays off some times!

    Here are my latest street finds from Olympia WA…

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