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Fisker’s powertrain partner Quantum Fuel System Technologies has partnered with the US Army’s Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC) to produce a diesel-electric, series hybrid Clandestine Extended Range Vehicle (CERV). GreenCarCongress reports

the prototype CERV is equipped with a 1.4-liter diesel to drive the genset, and is designed for quick-paced mobility operations such as reconnaissance, surveillance and target designation. CERV pairs Quantum’s advanced all-wheel-drive diesel hybrid-electric powertrain with a light-weight chassis to produce a torque rating that exceeds 5,000 lb-ft (6,780 N·m) [Ed: after gear reduction].

The unit can maintain speeds of 80 mph (129 km/h) and climb 60 percent grades while reducing fuel consumption by up to 25% compared with conventional vehicles of comparable size.

As Ronnie Schreiber’s piece on the Arsenal of Democracy shows, military developments can have a profound affect on the private transportation market. As the military pursues efficiency for strategic and tactical purposes, let’s hope more advanced drivetrains trickle down into the civilian realm.

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    “As Ronnie Schreiber’s piece on the Arsenal of Democracy shows, military developments can have a profound affect on the private transportation market.”

    I’m not sure this is the case, and, actually, quite the opposite is true. Aside from the expertise that comes with the skill of mass-production, rather than craft-production, there isn’t a whole-lot that is transferable between these two industries.

    One of the chief rationales, as mentioned in Ronnie’s piece, for setting up a dedicated defense industry was – even at that time when planes and tanks were more like passenger cars with armor plating and wings respectively – was response time to make a conversion …

    As the technologies, materials, and even the quantities of products to be produced in the subsequent years diverged from automotive practice, we find that not only would such conversion not be possible, but essential skills are missing, and the emphasis has moved from mass- back to craft-production…

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    Robert Schwartz

    When I saw CERV, thought the article would be about this:

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    I hope to someday be able to buy a diesel electric hybrid hatch with transparent aluminum (Aluminum oxynitride) pillars for better visibility. Will that day ever come? A man can hope….

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    The Master Chief would add a mounted gun to this platform right away.

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