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In conclusion of today’s Volkswagen-heavy fare, a peek into the future of Volkswagen’s most boring, but nonetheless highly successful car: The Passat.

Germany’s Auto Bild thinks it knows what the 8th generation Passat will look like when it hits the showrooms sometime in 2014. While their renderings most likely don’t reveal the exact likeness of the future Passat, Auto Bild’s Passat companion story probably has more than a few grains of truth.

The 2014 Passat will be the first Passat with Volkswagen’s new kit architecture as its underpinnings. The current B7 (B class, 7th generation) sits on the PQ47 platform. That’s Plattform, quer, 7. Generation (transverse platform, 7th gen.)

The Mk 8 Passat will no longer sit on a platform, but will be built using Volkswagen’s MQB, or Modularer QuerBaukasten. (“Modular Transverse Kit” or more hifalutin, “Modular Transverse Matrix.”) This new kit architecture covers pretty much everything in Volkswagen’s future, from the Polo to the Passat.

The kit doesn’t cover anything higher. Between the B-Class Passat and the D-Class Phaeton is a C-Class sized gap. Rumor had it that this gap would be closed with a Super-Passat (or value-sized Phaeton), a project that haunted the hallways of Wolfsburg’s Forschung und Entwicklung (R&D Department) under the codename VW 511). This project, says Auto Bild, “is off the table.”

Maybe not.

China’s has revived long-standing rumors of a baby-Phaeton, or C-Class Volkswagen. If the site is correctly informed, the car is being developed by VW in China “in partnership with Shanghai Auto Industry Corporation in a bid to take on the mid to large sized sedan segment,” as China CarTimes helpfully translates. According to CCT, “the goal is to offer something bigger than the current Passat’s on offer in China, but smaller and cheaper than the imported Phaeton.” Supposedly due out 2013 at a Shanghai Volkswagen dealer near you.

Who knows. It either could be the old rumor that had been around SVW since 2009, or it is the VW 511 story that finally made its way to Shanghai, or it was Wolfsburg saying to Shanghai: “Here are the VW 511 drawings. We don’t need them anymore. Maybe you want them as wall decoration?”

Cue video.


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9 Comments on “I Have Two Dreams: 2014 Passat And 2013 Super-Passat Revealed...”

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    Looks a lot like the American version recently released. It doesn’t really matter either since we’ll never see this one in the US.

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    Sorry, the Passsat is a b class vehicle? It looks squinty and angry, but I was sure that it is a larger vehicle than a b class.

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    We had a 2003 Passat B5. The B5 was the most successful Passat,and for good reason. It was anything but boring. What I liked about it was that it was compact but roomy, reasonably powerful (170 hp turbo) but also frugal (24/34 EPA) and it was well equipped with heated leather seats, nice instrument panel etc. for about $25,000. We could even get a manual transmission. In other words, it was a lot like the new Ford Focus, except a little roomier.

    The B5 Passat wasn’t nearly as boring-looking as the B6 (2006-2011) and the new B7 (2012-).

    The Passat had a reputation for being unreliable, with a common oil sludge problem. Our Passat was recalled several times but was generally reliable until someone hit it and totaled it in 2008.

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      Our B5 was anything but reliable and the dealer service was attrocious. Good riddance. Compared to the car that we replaced it with(2006 Legacy Wagon), the Passat was boring to drive.

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      > The Passat had a reputation for being unreliable, with a common oil sludge problem. Our Passat was recalled several times but was generally reliable until someone hit it and totaled it in 2008.

      The oil sludge problem could have been avoided VWoA stated in the service manual that synthetic oil is REQUIRED right from the get go. Instead, the manual stated something to the effect that 5w-30 may be used as a substitute. BIG MISTAKE. Since I was a former mechanic, I knew that synthetic oil is a MUST for turbocharged engines (and that most dealership service departments usually took the cheap way out by using 5w-30), so when my wife purchased her 2003 B5 1.8T, the VW 502.00 Oil Specification was already available, so I purchased the synthetic oil specified on that list and INSISTED that the service department use the oil.

      Our Passat is still running strong at 150,000 miles with Castrol Syntec 0w-30 European formula (a.k.a. German Castrol) oil changes every 5000 miles.

      Ignition coils were another concern until I sourced the HIGHLY RELIABLE aftermarket Hitachi coils and installed them. Ignition coil problems – SOLVED!

      First timing belt service was done at 65,000 miles at a PRIVATE mechanic. I purchased a complete timing belt service kit which includes the improved aftermarket metal water pump – for good reason – the original OEM plastic waterpump was near the point of disintegration when the mechanic removed it.

      A timing belt kit with the metal water pump increases the timing belt change interval from 40,000/60,000 to 80,000 miles. If this service was done at the VW dealership, they would have installed a newer version of the same crappy plastic water pump. They would prefer that you get your timing belt service done with them every 50,000 miles or so (it’s a money maker for them).

      Once your VW (or any other make of automobile) is out of warranty, DO NOT go back to the dealership unless there is a recall. Find a good private mechanic. It will save you lots of money and aggrevation in the long run.

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    Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

    Who do I need to throw feet-first into an industrial plastic shredder for one of those wagons with diesel, all the gizmos, and a stick?

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    I AM IRON-MAN!!!!

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