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Students: In this day & age of “smart shoppers” and below invoice deals, it’s not what you sell – it’s how many you sell! Time is money! Watch the FREE lesson by our Car Selling Techniques Master Educator Emeritus Speed Fellon. It’s a classic, and a classic will never go out of style.

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3 Comments on “Car Selling Techniques, Lesson 2: Make It Up With Volume...”

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    This video clip is like a longer version of the used car dealer in the Weird Al Yankovic movie who threatens to club a baby seal if customers won’t buy his cars. (Yes, the movie is a comedy.)

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    Fantastic! I like the wrap-around hood. So many good lines in there, but that’s more of a documentary than a spoof.

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    Dad, Can I Borrow the Car? should be required viewing for anyone visiting TTAC. A Disney short film made in 1970 (narrated by a young Kurt Russell), it’s an ageless, classic short film from a bygone era that any auto afficionado would enjoy.

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