Sales: Large/Premium Sedans, March 2011

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
sales large premium sedans march 2011

The stakes might not be as high as they could be in the Large/Premium segment, but as Kissinger pointed out, things can get nasty because the stakes are so low. And sure enough, by hook or by crook (or fleet sales), we have a tight fight for the vestiges of America’s once-proud large-premium car segment. You won’t find Honda and Toyota dominating this automotive land of the lost, and no sign sign of those troublesome Korean upstarts either ( for now). Hell, the Buick Lucerne only missed this chart by a measly 49 units. ‘

But while the Charger’s sales improve as new models hit the lots, America’s other main contenders, the Taurus and LaCrosse, are showing signs of weakness. This old-school segment could well turn into a Mopar playground in the short term, with revitalized 300 and Charger models battling for dominance. But unless they bust out of this segment, and start competing at Impala volume (which hit 18,063 last month, forcing an update to our midsizer chart), they’ll be kings of a small, aging playground.

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  • Mikey Mikey on Apr 07, 2011

    @ Zackman.......Here in Canada the imports have taken over in all the urban centers..Montreal,Ottawa Vancouver,etc. However outside of the urban areas where you measure distances in hours. Impalas rule.

    • Zackman Zackman on Apr 07, 2011

      @ mikey: I guess that's why I see so many of them in the Cincinnati area!

  • Subifreak Subifreak on Apr 07, 2011

    I was not knocking the Charger...I absolutely love the styling...I was simply commenting on why they are not offering the AWD model with the V6 engine for starters? By doing that, imo they have stumbled out of the gate launching the vehicle as opposed to hitting the ground running. In addition, the price of fuel where I am located in Canada (St. Thomas Ontario which is one of the cheapest in the entire country actually) is $1.30 a litre...which works out to being a little over $4.90 a U.S. gallon or $5.90 in our gallon so a Hemi (as nice as it would be) is just overkill.

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    • Subifreak Subifreak on Apr 07, 2011

      @ webleyx...I seriously doubt those numbers reflect 'real world' driving...even with the Hemi's ability to shut off it's cylinders (again I am looking forward to a comprehensive review on both models on this site). That is why I mentioned earlier in this thread that I will wait for the 8 speed auto with direct injection technology for the V6. One has to also consider higher insurance premiums, larger tires (winter & all seasons in Canada) etc, etc etc on the Hemi equipped models...the gas prices were merely one small example.

  • Chiburb Chiburb on Apr 07, 2011

    Genesis sold 2,664 in March. Is it not on the chart because they don't break out the coupe #s?

  • Accs Accs on Apr 22, 2011

    Waaaaaaaait a minute... Where is ES / GS, TL, G and or M, C/E class, 3/5 series and or A4/6?!