Is Saab Taking A Stand Against The Wagon Penalty?

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer

Prices for the Saab 9-5 SportCombi have leaked in Sweden, and according to Autobild, the wagon version actually costs €114 less than the sedan. Whether they’ll make the same offer outside of Sweden isn’t clear… but then neither is anything about Saab’s future. And instead of haranguing the poor Swedes about the questionable financial sense of this decision, let’s just agree that desperate times call for desperate measures. If nothing else, Saab’s wagon-centive sets it apart from the industry’s business-as-usual.

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  • CJinSD CJinSD on Apr 06, 2011

    Saab could probably promise a unicorn with every US 9-5 wagon.

  • Gunnar Nilsson Gunnar Nilsson on Apr 06, 2011

    Wagons are very popular in Europe. In Sweden it is the biggest segment. It is unbelievable that the Volvo V70 (the best of Volvos) are not sold in the USA! What happened? USA invented the great wagon. There used to be lots of wagons 30-40 years ago in the states. A wagon is better in every aspect for normal use compared to a SUV/Crossover. Roomy, more MPG, good handling, beautiful. I would say there is no reason for sedans, the difference in sound and ride is neglectible.

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    • Ubermensch Ubermensch on Apr 06, 2011

      I often have this argument with co-workers who don't understand why I insist on wagons and hate sedans and SUV/CUVs. They accept my points that wagons are superior to SUVs and sedans but ultimately come back to "wagon = dorky" even if their reasoning can't hold water, which it doesn't. I do however like that wagons are different and you don't see them very often, but it makes my auto shopping options, especially here in the midwest, extremely difficult. Fortunately, my wife feels as strongly as I do about insiting on having the versatility of a wagon so at least I don't have to fight that battle. I wouldn't necessarily say that Americans are stupid but are easily misled by marketing and image. The fetishisation of automobiles generally has led Americans to not purchasing based on rational ideas, but on image. There is also a lot of cogintive dissonance when it comes to many purchase decisions and the idea that a CUV is any less a mommy-mobile is pretty hard to rationalize.

  • Seanx37 Seanx37 on Apr 06, 2011

    Is Saab going to exist in 2012? Or even next week?

  • Snabster Snabster on Apr 07, 2011

    9-5 wagon.....Buick Roadmaster with a stick!