In Spite of Texas Tornadoes, Miagra Miata Holds Lead In North Dallas Hooptie

Murilee Martin
by Murilee Martin
in spite of texas tornadoes miagra miata holds lead in north dallas hooptie

You get some crazy weather when your traveling race series holds events in April; last weekend, we had to throw the checkered flag early on Saturday’s race session because blowing Michigan snow knocked visibility down to zero. Today, we had to end the session an hour early because a wild lightning storm swooped in and threatened to zap the corner workers. Minutes later, the tornado alert sirens started blowing. The members of the Miagra Miata team, no doubt donning their helmets and cowering in the nearest bunker, could console themselves with the knowledge that their team will start tomorrow’s race session as the race leader. Well, that’s if a funnel cloud doesn’t deposit their Mazda in the next county.

Meanwhile, the members of the Blue Goose Golf team, who spent much of the day battling for (and occasionally grabbing) the lead with Los Miagras, are probably gritting their teeth and grumbling about weak-kneed race organizers who let a little weather put a halt to their chase of that damn Mazda. We’ve been seeing the Miagra guys at the Houston races for quite a while, and they’ve always been utterly terrible underdogs, breaking the car and racking up tremendous quantities of black flags. For this race, all of the team’s drivers prepared by taking every possible race-instruction class and (we assume) undergoing painful aversion-therapy treatments that applied electric shocks to sensitive body parts whenever a black flag appeared in the field of vision. This team has been very fast and utterly penalty-free so far, which I never would have predicted for these former repeat miscreants. Can the Blue Geese catch the blue-pill-adorned Miata tomorrow? Will one of the E30s nipping at their heels pass them both? We’ll find out tomorrow… if the track is still there.

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  • Andy D Andy D on Apr 25, 2011

    yah, Flogging beaters captures my interest more than the Shanghai auto show. OR who will save SAAB

  • Bumpy ii Bumpy ii on Apr 25, 2011

    I dunno; I suppose LeMons is okay if you're into $5,000 rattlecan racing. I liked it more when it was about hauling some misbegotten heap out of someone's backyard, dumping a case of STP down the valve cover, and making a few laps until the drivetrain kerploded.

    • Budgie Budgie on Apr 25, 2011

      for some of us, that's more or less what Lemons is all about. finding the least likely to succeed and trying our best to make it happen. overheard in the paddock at NJMP: "gee, with both the cars running well, this is kind of boring." Not to worry, a few minutes later one came in on the tow strap!!

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