Volkswagen Starts The Year With A Bang

Bertel Schmitt
by Bertel Schmitt
volkswagen starts the year with a bang

Volkswagen as a whole only registered a seven percent rise in the U.S.A., underperforming the market in January. The Volkswagen brand did even worse (+4.2 percent ). Don’t measure Volkswagen worldwide with a U.S. yardstick. A global Metermaß must be applied to the world’s third largest automaker. By that measure, the Volkswagen passenger cars brand surprises with an unexpected jump in January.

Volkswagen delivered 418,800 (January 2010: 359,400) units to customers worldwide in January, an increase of 16.5 percent. And who bought all those cars? The usual suspects.

“The Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand performed particularly well in regions with growing automobile markets,” reports a Volkswagen press release.

In China, Volkswagen sold 187,700 units, 29.4 percent more cars than in January 2010. After GM had alluded to strong numbers, the Volkswagen sales bode very well for the Chinese car market. The January collapse does not appear to happen. (Due to Chinese holidays, January numbers for all of China will be reported late this month.)

62,400 (53,800; +16.1 percent) vehicles were delivered in the South America in January.

In India, Volkswagen Passenger Cars reported a tenfold rise in deliveries to, well, 4,000 units.

With very good numbers from their Audi division (+23 percent to 95,400 cars in January), Worldwide, Volkswagen is off to a good start in January. In the U.S.: Mediocre.

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  • Vbofw Vbofw on Feb 09, 2011

    US weakness is surprising since I thought Nov and Dec were quite strong for the jetta. Year on year, passat sales must be essentially zero as people wait for model changeover since new model was announced early Jan, same with tiguan although that is very low volumes.

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    • Redbarchetta Redbarchetta on Mar 09, 2011

      I haven't noticed that at our dealership. We have plenty of people who come in looking for the new Passat and are usually disappointed they can't get one right now. We shall see if that translates into them coming back when we get some in late summer. And the funny thing is GTI sales have been brisk same with the Jetta sportwagen TDIs but we sold out of our new Jetta TDI sedans over the week. As much as I like wagons the majority of Americans just still don't.

  • Lorenzo Lorenzo on Feb 10, 2011

    Aren't December/January sales largely older models being cleared off the lots via cash on the hood to make room for coming newer models? If a carmaker doesn't have his channels stuffed, there isn't much inventory to sell, and little reason to put cash on the hood. That would drive sales to the money-giveaway guys, no? GM, Ford and Chrysler all had increases of 20+%, new models on the way and lots of cash incentives. Maybe VW's sales increase w/o incentive cash/excess inventory should be considered good.