January US Sales Up, But Signs Of Weakness Remain

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
January 2011, US Light Vehicle Sales
AutomakerJan. 2011Jan. 2010Pct. chng.1 month
20111 month
2010Pct. chng.BMW Group18,68315,43621%18,68315,43621%Chrysler Group LLC70,11857,14323%70,11857,14323%Daimler AG17,63615,44314%17,63615,44314%Ford Motor Co.126,981116,2779%126,981116,2779%General Motors178,897146,31522%178,897146,31522%Honda
76,26967,47913%76,26967,47913%Hyundai Group65,00352,62624%65,00352,62624%Jaguar Land Rover3,2062,58924%3,2062,58924%Maserati11410113%11410113%Mazda14,26715,694-9%14,26715,694-9%Mitsubishi5,7144,17037%5,7144,17037%Nissan71,84762,57215%71,84762,57215%Porsche2,1501,78620%2,1501,78620%Saab Cars North America658–-%658–-%Subaru18,85815,61121%18,85815,61121%Suzuki2,5622,04026%2,5622,04026%Toyota115,85698,79617%115,85698,79617%Volkswagen26,29524,6147%26,29524,6147%Volvo Cars North America4,276–-%4,276–-%Other (estimate)2982941%2982941%TOTAL819,688698,98617%819,688698,98617%

TTAC’s on top of all of the monthly sales news, as the industry records its first month of sales in the new year. (Data courtesy Automotive News [sub] ). Ford and GM, the first automakers to report, show solid gains, seemingly confirming analyst estimates of a 12.4m unit SAAR this month. But don’t read too much into the trend, as Reuters reports that auto sales momentum stalled in the final weeks of the month, prompting JD Power to lower its SAAR expectation from 12.2m units to “between 11.5m and 12m.” According to a JD Power spokesman,

the sudden slowdown in sales in January could reflect both the impact in winter storms and the absence of new sales incentives from major automakers. Those kinds of discounts, including cash-back offers, were down 12 percent in January from December

Check back regularly as TTAC unravels January’s sales performance from all of the automakers.

Edward Niedermeyer
Edward Niedermeyer

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