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The civilian version of the car shown in the video will soon be available for purchase, reports TheTycho from Beijing. It won’t come with the microphones and the stand-up podium behind the driver. Instead, it will have full reclining seats in  the back.

The car is made by FAW-Hongqi and currently still goes by the internal code CA7600J. It is pitted against Bentley, Rolls Royce and Maybach.

Its 6 liter V12 with 400hp and 550nm of torque is a bit anemic for a 3.6 ton behemoth, but what it lacks in power it makes up in chrome.

TheTycho reckons the Chinese monster will be available some time this year. Price? Your guess is as good as mine.

Will you ever be able to drive it down Main Street? If it’s good  for the Paramount Leader of the People’s Republic of China, it should be crash-worthy enough, but it may have issues with CAFE.

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11 Comments on “Chinese Giant Soon Available For Purchase...”

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    Nice! The first car ever inspired by the MG 1100 and probably with the same build quality.
    They should be able to export a couple of those. One to North Korea and one to Cuba…

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    The video scared me at first but then I started noticing the beautiful avenue and buildings.
    The car looks nice apart from headlights, tail lamps and radiator grill. So with a little tweaking in design it can be very successful around the world (I am assuming safety and emissions are on par with the rest).

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    Who’s buying this embarrassing Rolls Royce Phantom copy?

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      “Who’s buying this embarrassing Rolls Royce Phantom copy?” Bottom-feeders who can’t afford a Chrysler 300, or at leat the 30″ chrome Conestoga wheels they’d put on it!

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    Continues in the tradition id the uutt bugly Lincolnesque grill.

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    The original grille and headlight treatment was better; a slightly-tacky Century knock-off, where this looks like a knock-off of a knock-off.

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    Hate the front but love the back.

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    steve from virginia

    Funniest video!
    Two clowns in cars yelling at each other. Too funny.

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    If it’s good  for the Paramount Leader of the People’s Republic of China, it should be crash-worthy enough
    Well, if it’s frontal offset you’re talking, I imagine it’s pretty safe for the guy in back, what with the first row being a crumple zone. I’d be a little more worried about side impacts, though – there should be an option for a single seat in the middle.

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    Is that a permanently closed partition I see for the rear quarters?  And apparently the view of where the driver is going up ahead is only accessible via LCD monitors?

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    So is it still called the Hong Qi (Red Flag)?  When I worked in China in the early 90’s, it was thought that the original version (which Mao and Deng used) was being relegated to lesser uses because of its aged design, reliability problems and heavy fuel consumption.  Whenever I mentioned the Red Flag limousine, the first word that came to mind from the locals was “ben zhong” – meaning heavy, cumbersome, clumsy.  I figured they switched pretty much to locally produced Audis (VW-Audi does partner with FAW up in Changchun, and they do produce cars like the A6 there) as the ride for VIPs. 

    But I guess for special ceremonial duties, they do have an updated Red Flag, like the one Hu Juntao is riding down Changan Avenue reviewing the troops. 

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