The Journey Of Redemption Begins With A Single Step…

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer

…and this is Fiat’s. The Italian brand left the US market in 1982, but it has returned with a first ad that seems like it was made sometime in the late 1990s. It’s a good thing the 500 has been relatively wellreceived, because it isn’t cheap and it clearly doesn’t have a fraction of the MINI’s marketing mojo. Between this, the “my tank is full” Ram ads ( not to mention the entire first wave of “New Chrysler” ads), and the hallucinogenic Caravan spots, it seems like Chrysler’s Olivier Francois should be up for some kind of special award this year…

Edward Niedermeyer
Edward Niedermeyer

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  • YellowDuck YellowDuck on Nov 25, 2010

    I have a prolem with the image of the couple "taking control of their lives" by riding a motorcycle without helmets! Hopefully that little bit doesn't make it into the 15 and 30-s versions of the ads that actually air. Also, it's kind of an unfortunate analogy, no? "Yes, it's fun, even if terribly unsafe..."

    • Patrickj Patrickj on Nov 25, 2010

      That's the reality of motorcycling in the U.S., given that the rate at which people wear helmets in states where it is not required by law (about 10%).

  • Disaster Disaster on Nov 25, 2010

    IMHO, the 500 is just OK....not as iconic looking as the Mini...not even as good as the new bug. It reminds me of a squashed Dodge Neon. It should be more radical to inspire more passion.

  • TriShield TriShield on Nov 25, 2010

    The 90s were certainly a heck of a lot better time than now. Most people don't have any idea what a Fiat is let alone know it exists. Italianess is a huge part of this car's charm and image. I think the ad did a good job of conveying that. Besides, the car isn't even released yet. They have time to come up with more advertising.

  • Roundel Roundel on Nov 25, 2010

    This is a teaser ad... nothing more. Thankfully some members of the B&B here aren't in marketing. This isn't supposed to be a "saved by zero" or "put mercury on your list type ad" There needs to be brand awareness and brand message first. And Its great that they are playing up the Italian lifestyle and charm that the car offers. Oh and this car looks best in white for some reason. I never thought that I would want a white car, but this may be my first.