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Nothing makes news at GM like revealing poorly kept rumors. And so it is today at the first day of the LA Auto Show. GM took the sheet off of a very dirty Chevy Volt that had driven across country from Detroit to LA (yawn) and presented it as it this was some modern miracle. Almost left as an afterthought was the real gem of the morning for Chevrolet: the Camaro Convertible. Finally revealed, the chop top seems to do justice to the highly styled form, interior components are unchanged as is the drivetrain. Expect to see these popping up in your local Chevy store soon as well as discount rental car counters at an airport near you.

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22 Comments on “LA Auto Show: Camaro Convertible...”

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    “Chevy Volt…yawn”….”Camaro convertibles at discount rental counters….?

    No…. I don’t see any preconcieved notions, or bias here.

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      @mikey:I’ve posted it before and I’ll post it again: If you can’t say something bad about GM, you probably shouldn’t post here…

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      @geozinger….. I know what your saying,and I expect it from the comment section. I figured a somewhat higher level from a TTAC writer.

       Contrary to popular belief GM, and thier engineers,tool and die and production people have put a lot of time, and effort, to get that car to this stage. To read a so called journalist, writing it off as more rental car stuff, pisses me off.

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      Are you both saying we WON’T see these at car rental counters by the thousands?

      As for the Volt “yawn” comment, that’s because a long CC trip for a Volt is Old News. Of course the car CAN do it.

      It makes no sense whatsoever to deploy a Volt on that mission (even the far cheaper Daewoo Cruze would be a better option) but yes, yes, the Volt CAN travel long distances. At least once.

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      All that said, a Volt convertible would be nifty

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      @ Rob…. We might see Camaro ragtops at the rental counter. I’ve pesonally rented three Mustang converts, loved em. Yeah and the Detroit to L.A thing is old hat.

       I just don’t think Mr Dykes is being very objective.

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      @mikey — As we both know, the notion of objectivity is increasingly in the eye of the beholder. Yeah, Alex’s comments definitely had teeth to them (personally, the “discount” part of that quip was superfluous) but as neither is untruthful I’m personally fine with it.

      It would be different had he written, “…soon to be laden with cash back and rebates at a dealership near you,” because that would indeed have been inaccurate.

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      I don’t understand the comments about the Volt.  Several car companies reuse material from show to show because new cars and designs aren’t coming out every 3 months from a single manufacture.  What do you expect them to do here?
      As for the Camaro Convertible rental comment, that is just lazy.  You can pretty much go to a Hertz or Avis counter and rent most makes and models out there.  The Camaro is selling very well to retail buyers and rental companies would love to rent them to you because people want to drive it.  But the article practically dictating that it is a rental car queen is just wrong.
      When people talk about a TTAC bias against GM, articles like this are the reason.  An article that is titled Camaro Convertible starts off with trashing the Volt and the presentation of it.  Half way through you hear that there is nothing new with the Camaro except it can also be a convertible.
      What colors are available on the convertible top?  Any word on cost?  Can you get it in the white interior like the concept (I doubt it, but still a valid question)?  More facts please.

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    So the Volt and Camaro aren’t your cup-o-tea. Fine; to each his own.

    Seen anything that has engendered enthusiasm?

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    Nissan was going to do the same thing with a Leaf.  But it crapped out climbing up the Rocky Mountains in rural Colorado while running the heater in the middle of a hill climb.  There wasn’t a power outlet for miles.  The crew thumbed a ride to LA in the back of a Ford pickup truck.

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    Well, it appears every car site is biased toward this-or-that car manufacturer, TTAC appears to like Fords for some reason. Fine. For every “panther” accolade, I’m a hater of them. But when presenting an article about an unveiling of anything new, long-awaited or not, please be objective and leave personal feelings at the door.

    I, for one, really like it. Perhaps one may be in my future, perhaps not, but I’ve been waiting for this and can’t wait to see one up close and personal at the Cincinnati Auto Show in February.

    My biggest concern is visibility with the top up.

    I am a GM fan, especially Chevrolet most of the time, but did drive other vehicles than GM when they met my needs best.

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      I couldn’t agree more with your assessment of the article. Would be good to have facts instead of a picture.

      To the car…
      Rear visibility isn’t good in hard top form, but you can get used to it.  I am sure the soft top will be the same.

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    Yeah because any car that rental lots want is a piece of crap. I’d bet that there isn’t a single TTAC reader who isn’t sick to death of that old chestnut.
    If you want to talk about the actual car, my opinion is that seeing the convertible really justified the whole new Camaro design to me – looks way sexier that the hardtop. I’m sure the convertible market isn’t all that lucrative (I’ve been a car nut my whole life and have never rode in one) but has to be the ragtop to have.

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    $33.00 per share……

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    Am I the only one to notice the glaringly misaligned left rear panel next to the cloth top in the second pic? GM decided to bring this out as-is? Seriously?
    I’m rooting for them, but, man, this is just so sloppy. I thought attention-to-detail would have been one of the new rules at the new GM. If this is any indication, it doesn’t look like it.

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      It looks like a convertible top cover which is removable.  I am not saying it wasn’t a GM employee who left it that way, but when people are that close to the car, I could see someone touching and moving the pieces.

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    Its a part of the boot cover,and somebody didn’t click it in properly. I had a Firebird with a similar set up,it took me half an hour the first time I installed the boot cover. After I figured it out 2 minutes to install.

    BTW….Good eye akitdog.

     That car should have NEVER, EVER have been put in the show looking like that.

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    I’d never buy a Camaro, but I would absolutely love a convertible the next time I need a rental.  Rental companies have been carrying convertible Mustangs for decades, what’s the big deal?

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    “Expect to see these popping up in your local Chevy store soon as well as discount rental car counters at an airport near you.”

    Unfortunately, this drivel was written with the usual TTAC bias. Anoter job “well done.”

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