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Some say the future of the car business is in China… and for certain employees of Jaguar Land Rover, the maxim seems to apply awfully literally. The Telegraph reports:

Des Thurlby, human resources (HR) director at [JLR], said he had held “pointed” discussions with up to five of the company’s best employees urging them to consider moving “out of leafy Warwickshire” to China to help the company capitalise on emerging markets. Those who refused had less chance of being shortlisted for a future top job at the company…

Mr Thurlby said: “We’re getting to the point where we’re having some quite pointed conversations with people, where we’re saying, ‘listen matey, if you want to go to the top you’re going to have to go to China, Russia or the US. We’re an international business, we’re 70pc overseas. It’s critical you move out of leafy Warwickshire.'”

Oh dear… this is what happens when you stop designing your interiors like a 19th Century club room, isn’t it?

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9 Comments on “Jaguar/Land Rover To Managers: Get The Bleep Out Of Blighty...”

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    Standup and be counted, solidary demands the right to Leafyness.

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    An upscale manufacturer like Jaguar should not be in a hurry to start making cars in China.  It already has a deservedly bad reputation for quality (though they’ve improved dramatically)
    Buyers outside (and most likely inside) China are going to be suspicious of the quality.  Not a good move imo.

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    Depending on where the Chinese JLR HQ will be, I wholeheartedly recommend to leave leafy Warwickshire behind and go.
    Your quality of life will jump exponentially. Your wife will adore you, because she got 2 live-in maids. You will have your personal driver on standby.
    I write this while getting breakfast in bed. I hit a button on the phone, say “I’m up” and 5 minutes later, a tray arrives. Life is good.
    As far as making the cars in China goes, if BMW, Mercedes, and Audi can pull it off very successfully, why not JLR. Just make the low volume high priced halo cars (by hand, if necessary) in leafy Warwickshire, and build the entry and mid tier models locally.

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      When the revolution comes, it’ll be guys like you that are the first be rounded up.  What?  You say the revolution there has already come and gone?  Blimey!  “Another cup of hot tea, please…  And another down pillow, too.”

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    While I disagree with Bertel that your quality of life will jump exponentially, as that depends on way too many things, it is a good career move and one I’ll never regret. 

    Have I mentioned how amusing it is that you keep showing pictures of my apartment building on this site?

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    “leafy Warwickshire” ROTFL
    JLR are based in Coventry. Here’s a picture if you’ve never been:

    The city was almost entirely flattened during WW2 and patched back together during the 2nd half of the twentieth century. imho it’s a place devoid of character or charm… it’s certainly not the rural English idyll you’re probably picturing from that rather fanciful phrase.

    (edited since the comments engine doesn’t like my inline links)

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      Yeah Coventry is a mish-mash of dreary 50’s concrete, but to counter your photo try this …
      The Wedge is a huge area of farmland inside the city completely surrounded by residential areas. The only blot on its landscape is a road cutting through it, ironically built specifically for Jaguar.
      Jaguar are now HQ’d at Whitley …
      which kinda looks leafy green as long as you don’t realize the smoke stack in the background is a trash incinerator.

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      Fair play, that is leafy. I stand corrected (though I still think it’s a bit of a flowery way to describe the Midlands)

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    They’re pushing their top 5 managers to move to China?  If they’re top 5 folks, this might encourage them to work for BMW, Mercedes, Ford of Europe, etc.
    Not sure this is such a good idea for Jaguar.

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