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Conjecture that Lambo might be getting rid of the V12 in its flagship turns out to have been way off-base: in fact, Lamborghini has just announced specs for its first clean-sheet V12 since the 1964 350GT. Its 6.5 liter displacement is good for 700 high-revving horsepower (but “only” about 500 lb-ft of torque), thanks to aluminum-silicon alloy four-valve heads and an oversquare design. The new engine also comes with a new type of automated-manual gearbox that Lamborghini calls an “Independent Shifting Rod” transmission. We’ll publish more technical details as they become available, but for now let’s just take a moment to lap up the visual feast. New Lambo V12s don’t come around every day… in fact, given past practice and future emissions standards, this may well be the last of the breed.

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13 Comments on “Is This The Last Of The Lamborghini V12s?...”

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    They keep getting bigger and bigger. Remember when Italian exotics had much smaller engines than the Corvette?

    The V10 concept they showed recently in Paris was their best design in years. Hopefully a production car will resemble it.

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      The Murcielago replacement is supposed to be 500 lbs. lighter.  That’s something.

      I think the Sixth Element concept is fantastic, but my guess is that’s not what many Lamborghini buyers want.  There have already been a ton of disparaging comments about the proportions, which are mostly due to the small size.  People want Lambos to be wide and they want lots of room.    Much as I like the concept, and much as I like Exiges, my guess is that most buyers don’t want a Lambo that wears like an Exige.  They are ultimately dick cars, and showing up in something small doesn’t make the best impression on the golddiggers.

      I have actually been asking for some of the car journalists to run a bit more education on car design.  The vast majority of commentators have no concept of car design constraints, and it’s actually a pretty interesting subject.

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    Apart from Lamborghini, who is still building V12 engines ?
    From memory:

    BMW (and Rolls Royce)
    Aston Martin (Ford Duratec family?)
    Volkswagen (W12 Gas, V12 TDI)
    Toyota (Century limo)
    And, of course, Ferrari

    Anyone else?

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    Todays V8s and V8 TT are as powerful as any V12, though none do 8200rpm with over 6 liters. This new Engine is awesome, I like it more than a Veyron engine. With Lambo keeping weight down a little more, this will make for some good daydreaming (sigh). I don’t see it as the last.

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    Please do find out what’s up with this ISR box.  I’m curious if it’s truly innovative.  I do think it’s odd that they omitted the differential from all this pics.

    And: since the Bizzarrini V12 lasted for over 40 years, I’m not too worried about this as the end of the breed.  I’m more worried about the lack of an old-school manual, and the potential loss of the Bizzarrini’s glorious sound.

    I do have to say, 700 hp from a N/A motor able to meet modern smog spec is seriously impressive, especially when you consider that it undoubtedly was designed with room for at least 100 hp of future special editions and upgrades.  In the end though, even if I had seven figure net worth, this is one of those cars where I wouldn’t be buying the first year edition.  Even with VeeDub ownership, my guess is it’s going to be a mess.

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    A well designed V1 can do everything a V12 can do.

    A short stroke V12 is a proper engine….Lambo knows this.

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    Uncle Mellow

    They need 6.5 litres in 2010 ? Big engines are becoming politically incorrect , and the sweetest iconic Ferarris had 3 litre V12’s.I think Lambo have got it wrong.

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      People with a half a million dollars to drop on a car aren’t usually worried about fuel consumption, especially if they are from the Middle East, which is one of Lambo’s fastest growing markets.  And people wouldn’t take kindly to Lambo dropping horsepower, even if they did drop weight.  Horsepower means displacement or forced induction.  I’d prefer they go the displacement route.
      As far as preference, I do agree with you.  I’d rather have a 400 horsepower 3-3.5 liter V12 in a lightweight sports convertible, a la the original Ferrari California, than a 700 hp monster which is almost wholly undriveable on any public roads in my area, and far too wide to be much fun on the twisties.  The only place I could even think to flog a modern Lambo would be at the track, and then I’d just prefer a nice Formula Ford or Radical.  I don’t really get it.  They do look neat at the valet though.

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      Honestly, why care about political correctness. Are we going to pussify all because of that?

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    This should also erase any doubts among Alfisti that Sergio should sell Alfa Romeo to VW.  VW has the money and the will to invest in class leading products in all market segments.  German bankers and Italian designers– who could ask for more?

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    Paul W

    “German bankers and Italian designers– who could ask for more?”
    Japanese quality controllers would be nice…

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