Buick Beware: The Korean LaCrosse Cometh

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
buick beware the korean lacrosse cometh

With its lineup now reaching into realms where even Cadillac dare not tread (namely the $65k Equus luxury flagship), Hyundai is filling in the gaps with ruthless focus. Next up: the near-luxury large sedan segment, where Buick’s LaCrosse has been mounting a one-car comeback for GM’s premium brand. But starting next year, the LaCrosse becomes a mild-hybrid model, lifting its base price to near $30k and giving the Azera an opportunity to become a recession-special spoiler. And with handsome Sonata-meets-Genesis Coupe-meets-LaCrosse looks, the next-gen Azera could just be the first luxurious Hyundai to actually bring real sales volume to the brand. The Azera should launch next year as a 2012 model, and as the gallery below shows, it’s already crawling the streets of Korea, bringing the fight to the Daewoo Alpheon .

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  • Mike978 Mike978 on Nov 22, 2010

    Dan, I see you rpoint, but to some extent that is true now because you can buy a Malibu LTZ which has leather. What differentiates that from a Cadillac CTS? More than the leather - the style, plastic quality, headliner, etc etc. If people are utilitarian and think leather equals quality then the Equus will easily outsell the 7, A8 and S-class. Of course for some people (if not most) it takes more than that to make a car truly deserving in its class.

    • Pahaska Pahaska on Nov 22, 2010

      Having owned both a last generation Azera and a similar generation Buick, I would opt for the Azera. A big factor was build quality; the Buick had a lot of niggling problems while the Azera had just one minor problem under warrenty in a similar number of miles. The Azera, while certainly no sports car, rode and handled quite well. My good experience with the Azera is why I now drive a Genesis which has been absolutely trouble-free through the first 18,000 miles. I think the new Azera will be a real winner. It is obviously a good looking car and, I am sure, will have the same great build quality as my last two Hyundais.

  • Pahaska Pahaska on Nov 23, 2010

    The Hyundai dealership where I bought the Genesis has changed ownership. When I visited for an oil change last week, the whole place had been spiffied up and the service was excellent. By virtue of owning a Genesis, I always get a free wash. I was surprised, though, when I wandered the showroom while waiting and no salesman accosted me. Had I come in through the front door, I'm sure that I would have been greeted.

  • Jeff S If AM went away I would listen to FM but since it is insignificant in the cost to the car and in an emergency broadcast it is good to have. I agree with some of the others its another way to collect money with a subscription. AM is most likely to go away in the future but I will use AM as long as its around.
  • BEPLA I think it's cool the way it is.If I had the money, time and space - I'd buy it, clean it up, and just do enough to get it running properly.Then take it to Cars and Coffee and park it next to all the newer Mustangs.
  • Dave M. I suppose Jethro’s farm report comes via AM, but there’s a ton of alternative ways to get that info. Move forward people. Progress is never easy.
  • BEPLA For anything but the base model, I'd rather have a pre-owned Polestar 2.
  • BEPLA "Quality is Job........well, it's someone's job, but it's not our job.Neither is building vehicles that people actually want or need.We only build what's most profitable. If only someone would buy our 97 day supply of SuperDutys."