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When it’s an Acura? Wait, that’s not right…

Dude, you’re getting a Daewoo! Of course, by “you,” we mean “South Korea.” You know, the place where they build Daewoos and then slap Chevy bowties on them for the rest of the world. So why is this Opel-developed sedan, sold in China and the US as a Buick, being rebadged as a Daewoo? Stand by for your answer in… 3… 2… 1…

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20 Comments on “When Is A Buick Not A Buick?...”

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    I just can’t take my eyes off those knobby knees on the pencil legs under the stitched-together trash bags.

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    one car, twelve names. may the best car win.

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    What’s next? The Cadillac XTS as an Isuzu?

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    So nice to see that GM has learned its lessons (thanks to our generous pledges and donations)…some things never seem to change. GM stupidity is one of them. I genuinely feel for those that rely upon GM for their salaries…

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    another brilliant example of GM marketng.

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    In China a Buick is something that is coveted, but in South Korea the car is better off as a Daewoo? Really? You’ve got to be kidding.

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    It’s very difficult to understand what these people stand for, or the brands, or the companies.
    This is as messy as Fiats becoming Chryslers and Chryslers becoming Lancias and so on.

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    Dave M.

    Perhaps the lighting in your mom’s basement isn’t as good as mine….


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    This is good, but feast your eyes on the Daewoo Veritas
    It is a Holden Statesman/Caprice.

    Which is sold as a Buick Park Avenue in China.

    Then sold as a Chevy Caprice in other parts of the world.

    And, going to be sold only as a police cruiser in the United States.

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    Unbelievable. Oh wait, it is believable…GM’s badge engineering is more rampant than ever, far worse than it was in the Eighties. Back then, they at least attempted to make badge engineered cars a little different from each other. They’re not even trying anymore. And on top of it all, the badge engineering is on a global scale now. I’ll admit, GM was for many years my favorite automaker…it pains me to see how incredibly clueless they’ve become.

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    Makes sense if:
    1. there is no Buick channel in Korea;
    2. Daewoo needs an car at the top end of their range;
    3. the Daewoo brand in Korea is capable of being stretched upwards,
    4. (and/or) the Daewoo brand needs a halo car at the top to pull customer perception upwards;

    Keys to answering this are:
    1. is it assembled in S. Korea, or imported,
    2. how many do they plan to sell/yr and at what price?

    Unless something changed, Korea’s import tariffs on cars will make this car sell at an expensive price point. And if the customers don’t see either a) the panache angle, or b) value angle (a & b being somewhat at odds) then this car will be a failure in terms of units sold or profit margin.

    If it is not embraced by the market, and doesn’t earn its keep, I wonder how long Daewoo will be able to continue to offer it (w/o GM shoveling more money in to the company.)

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      The GM Daewoo Alpheon is assembled in S. Korea.  And interestingly, the name “GM Daewoo” does not appear anywhere on the car, nor does the GM Daewoo logo. Only the name “Alpheon” appears on the car, and only a special “Alpheon” logo is present.

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    I kind of like the Alpheon name better than LaCrosse to be honest. But GM should be calling this car the LeSabre since that’s what it is, a modern LeSabre. Also, this isn’t an Opel. The LaCrosse is American. The Regal is the Opel from Germany.

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    I’d much rather be looking at her than the Lexus or ah Buick or ah whatever they want to call this cloned car. This car characterizes what is so wrong with our society today. Fat, overweight, compromise car clone that takes up a lot of space on the outside but offers much less inside and forget about taking along much in the way of baggage. That last line may be good in some ways but very bad in others and this car would be on my top 10 deadly GM sin list in the future for sure!

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    So I guess they haven’t heard the ‘one ford’ speech every damn time Mulally dons a sweater vest and goes on the circuit.

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    Maybe it’s like here in Canada. For five years, we had to endure with the Buick Allure, because Lacrosse means to “swindle” or “masturbate” in French-Canadian. Who knew? Remember the Chevy Nova in Latin America?

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