Ask The Best And Brightest: What New Car Is The Best Value For Money?

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
ask the best and brightest what new car is the best value for money

It’s Black Friday, the national holiday of deal-getting, and to celebrate we’ve got a big question: What new car is the best value for money? It’s a big, open-ended, debate-sparking kind of question… the perfect way to debate your way out of your tryptophan coma. To get things started, we’ll begin by nominating the Subaru Impreza 2.5 Five-Door. For $18k you get Subaru’s fantastic AWD system, 170 HP, good storage space, and a package that’s ass comfortable cruising at freeway speeds as it quietly tootling around town or blasting up snowy roads to the mountain. Plus, you get the character and grunt of a boxer engine… and when it comes to new automobiles, uniqueness is priceless. OK, over to you, B&B. Which new car on the US market is the steal of all deals (before incentives, etc)?

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  • Tedward Tedward on Nov 28, 2010

    The Suzuki SX4 deserves some value list love. The stick may be a little agricultural, the suspension "americanized" and the gearing a little long, but it's a ridiculous (switchable) all wheel drive value. Other than that, I don't really consider really cheap, brand new cars to be great values. Instead, I'd say that in each class there's 1 or 2 cars that can win on value vs. significant competitors, regardless of their price relative to others. Ex.) I'd call the Forte and the Mazda3s to be great fwd values in the same class, the Forte for providing more for less than Toyota and Honda, and the Mazda3S for doing the same to VW. The Jetta (2.5) should probably get a shot out here too.

  • Hu99 Hu99 on Nov 28, 2010

    I had a Subaru Outback and I'd agree that it's a wonderful vehicle but if you factor in how boring it was nobody would ever buy one.

  • Stryker1 Stryker1 on Nov 29, 2010

    2011 V6 mustang 2011 Fiesta Sedan w/ sync (much better deal than the not-that-spacey-hatchback 4 door VW Golf (I know it's not exactly the cheapest, but it has the best interior, and drives very well) 2 fords, and a volkswagen... Me from 5 years ago would be howling.

  • Joevwgti Joevwgti on Nov 30, 2010

    Maybe one day they'll drop that timing belt, and opt for an option that doesn't necessitate the owner to pull the engine out for maintenance. :)