Wild-Ass Rumor Of The Day: GM Outsourcing Development Of AMPed-Up Electric SUV

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
wild ass rumor of the day gm outsourcing development of amped up electric suv

Just weeks ago, Amp Electric Vehicles CEO Steve Burns told the New York Times

G.M. doesn’t know if we are friend or foe… They’re trying to figure it out.

What The General was trying to figure out was whether allowing Amp to sell $50k electrified versions of its Chevrolet Equinox is a good or bad thing. After all, if BMW can charge $800 per month for EV-anxious consumers to test its disappointing MINI E, why shouldn’t GM get in on the early adopter-scalping game? Two weeks ago, GM spokesfolks said

We’re pro-E.V., and it’s a good thing that there others out there moving the electric vehicle market forward.

Today, Amp is announcing that it has signed an agreement with “a major OEM” to electrify one of its SUVs… within 60 days, no less. Though the press release doesn’t specify which OEM is sponsoring the project, the fact that AMP exclusively electrifies GM products and hires former GM consultants should speak for itself. And with Tesla prepping an EV RAV-4 for Toyota, would it be shocking to find out that GM is playing the me-too game by commissioning an EV Equinox? On the other hand, maybe we should take the “SUV” label seriously and consider the possibility that Amp is electrifying a full-size GM ute? Either way, the trend towards rapid outsourced development of EVs is seriously starting to take hold…

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  • GhentForever GhentForever on Sep 13, 2010

    FYI, Equinox is a mid-size crossover SUV.

  • GS650G GS650G on Sep 14, 2010

    This is Great! The more people drive battery powered cars the more oil remains for my car! Press on with it!.

  • Peteinsonj Peteinsonj on Sep 14, 2010

    AMP was at the NY Auto Show -- in the electrics area. They had a Solstice or Sun that you could drive around a *very* short track. But the other cars they had in their display -- the Equinox for instance -- had all the ICE stuff removed -- but had not yet been converted to electric. THAT was lame.

  • Alex Nigro Alex Nigro on Sep 14, 2010

    Isn't Ford outsourcing the work on the electric Focus, too?