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This was the Ooops month, previously called August. Before you get a heart attack from looking at the numbers, keep in mind that they are comparing with “Crazy August” of 2009, U.S. light vehicle sales were driven nearly up to the good old days of 2008 by Cash for Clunkers, only to drop 23 percent the next month. What we see this month is  a flashback of the withdrawal effects of 2009. All of this had (hopefully) been factored-in by analysts, but the numbers are coming in worse than expected.

If you don’t want to be sidetracked by the base effect of one crazy month, look at the rightmost column for the bigger picture: Up a bit for the year, but not by a whole lot.

The following list is complete. All precincts have reported.Overall, analysts polled by Bloomberg expect an August SAAR of 11.6m. Today’s declines reported by GM and Ford were worse than analysts expected. J.D. Power expects the August SAAR to come in at 11.4m, says Automotive News [sub]. Sales to individual customers “slowed considerably” in the last week of August, says J.D. Power. Also, customers may be holding out for Labor Day deals. This would benefit September sales. Expect to see great percentage numbers in September, as we compare with a cold-turkey September in 2009.

U.S. light vehicle sales, August 2010

Final list

Automaker Aug. 2010 Aug. 2009 Pct. chng. 8 month
8 month
Pct. chng.
BMW Group 23,991 24,370 -2% 169,148 160,260 6%
Chrysler Group
99,611 93,222 7% 720,140 653,319 10%
Daimler AG 20,133 18,749 7% 149,134 130,149 15%
Ford Motor Co. 157,327 181,826 -14% 1,308,887 1,119,863 17%
General Motors 185,105 245,550 -25% 1,462,308 1,381,224 6%
Honda (American) 108,729 161,439 -33% 815,075 806,907 1%
Hyundai Group 86,068 100,665 -15% 601,444 527,653 14%
Isuzu -% 165 -100%
Jaguar Land Rover 3,958 3,160 25% 28,581 23,953 19%
Maserati 161 129 25% 1,328 890 49%
Mazda 19,739 26,542 -26% 156,190 145,955 7%
Mitsubishi 4,293 6,813 -37% 36,431 38,127 -4%
Nissan 76,827 105,312 -27% 599,496 524,903 14%
Porsche 2,032 1,526 33% 15,719 12,729 24%
Saab Cars North America 290 -% 1,498 -%
Subaru 22,239 28,683 -23% 172,182 143,828 20%
Suzuki 1,830 5,748 -68% 15,331 31,664 -52%
Toyota 148,388 225,088 -34% 1,164,154 1,170,407 -1%
Volkswagen 32,118 32,981 -3% 239,011 195,593 22%
Volvo Cars North America 4,441 -% 4,441 -%
Other (estimate) 294 307 -4% 2,352 2,449 -4%
TOTAL 997,574 1,262,110 –21% 7,662,850 7,070,038 8%
Data courtesy Automotive News [sub]

Some notes:

BMW includes Mini and Rolls-Royce
Daimler includes Maybach, Mercedes-Benz and Smart
includes Volvo through July 2010, but not for August, as the Volvo sale to Geely closed on August 2nd
GM includes Saab through February 2010
Honda includes Acura
Nissan includes Infiniti
Toyota includes Lexus and Scion
Volkswagen includes Audi and Bentley

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10 Comments on “U.S. New Vehicle Sales, August 2010: Oooops...”

  • avatar
    Cammy Corrigan

    Wow! Chrysler went UP.

    Good work fella…

  • avatar

    “Hyundai includes Acura”

    Probably ment to say Honda includes Acura and that Hyundai includes Kia.

  • avatar

    The funniest part of this whole thing is Porsche outselling Suzuki,to date.

  • avatar

    Hyundai Group is down 15%?

    I’m surprised.

    The way the blogosphere has been rhapsodizing about the Sonata in particular and anything Hyundai or Kia in general in recent months, I expected their sales to be up by at least 150%

    Must be limited capacity.

    Honda is down 33%. Maybe it’s finally time to do us all a favor and send Mr. Opportunity to cartoon heaven.

    • 0 avatar

      The August to August numbers are meaningless, Cash for Clunkers made last August absolutely crazy. Of course things are down for August 2010, especially for brands like Honda that scored big on C4C. The fact that they’re only up 1% for the year is a bit concerning, but when you consider they’re still ahead of last year without the C4C boost, they don’t look too bad.

      As for Hyundai, they were a big C4C winner too and they’re still substantially ahead of last year. But it is interesting that their growth for the year is lagging several other established brands.

  • avatar

    Dinner time dumpster diving rates likely increased to at the least counter the decrease in conveyance sales.

    Recession? Nah!!!!!

    Welcome to the depression, Herd.

  • avatar

    To state the obvious: Suzuki is in serious trouble in the US market, and may go the way of Fiat circa 1983. They are a huge carmaker who can’t get any traction in the US – interesting and sad.

  • avatar
    John Horner

    Suzuki and Mitsubishi are toast.

    The Maserati, Daimler and Porsche numbers tell you that the well off are doing just fine, thank you very much.

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