Stump The Best And Brightest: Editor's Choice Edition

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
stump the best and brightest editor s choice edition

Yes, dear TTAC readers, your humble Editor-in-Chief was unable to fight his impulse, and is the proud owner of a fine automobile. Which means that he is also unable to fight the impulse to spend this federal holiday actually driving the thing rather than sitting in front of a computer all day. So, while I’m out enjoying the fruits of my labor, it falls to you, our most dedicated readers, to guess what kind of car I just blew several paychecks on. Check back tomorrow for a capsule review on the new editorial chariot (as well as the full compliment of TTAC content)… in the meantime, let’s hear your guesses.

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  • TokyoPlumber TokyoPlumber on Sep 07, 2010

    This photograph has been driving me frickin' nuts. The guesses people are making are good, but on closer inspection none of them seem to be a perfect match. The Audi 80 Avant looks like the most promising candidate. However, the lines in the photograph suggest very slab sided body work (ie, unlike the D pillar area in the Audi wagon). Also the window seems quite recessed in to the frame. On the Avant I think the window is more flush fitting. A Mercedes-Benz 190E is another good guess. The angularity certainly seems right. However, the photo shows no door cut line tracing down from the C pillar. And there were no 190E coupes (ie, so this can't be a doorless C pillar on that type of vehicle). The photograph suggests something either European or Japanese (ie, due to the lack of chrome trim around the window). The slab sided styling suggests a 1980's design. It's either a coupe or a wagon (due to the absence of a door cut line). When I look at this photo a lot of sharp edged cars come to mind (Volvo 740/760/780, Subaru XT, Mark I Toyota MR2, Mark II Audi 80, Mark II Volkswagen Passat / Quantum Wagon, Dodge Omni 024, Renault Alliance, Mark I Dodge Colta Vista, etc...). However, none of these cars have a C / D pillar cutout like this (ie, not louvered and painted to match the body work) I'm totally stumped ... and looking forward to an answer!

  • Mark MacInnis Mark MacInnis on Sep 07, 2010

    Early 90's Audi 100 Avant Quatro ....I have a 97 A6 Avant in that exact color....Audi rules!

  • Don1967 Don1967 on Sep 08, 2010


  • John Horner John Horner on Sep 09, 2010

    Ok already, where is the follow up story telling us what it really is?