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TTAC’s readers have rightly gained the reputation for being some of the best vehicle/automobilia identifiers on the planet. We keep you on your toes with several Curbside Classic Clues each week, but now we have an opportunity to flex those skills for something other than just bragging rights. Ontario police are asking for help identifying this piece of body panel which was found at the scene of a fatal hit and run. Identifying this piece of battered material could help police find the vehicle that killed 15 year-old Kyle Peters who was hit by the car in question while riding his bike. Can TTAC’s Best and Brightest identify the car that will help police find whoever robbed young Mr Peters of his future? We certainly hope so.

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29 Comments on “Stump The Best And Brightest: To Catch A Hit-And Runner Edition...”

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    Early 80’s C4 Corvette.

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    They already caught the guy:

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    “Police have the vehicle involved – an older model black Audi – but are refusing to release any more information. “

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    Horrible thing.
    When I was a young fella in my 20s I dated a fine young lady that had just started her career with the forensic dept of the county police. She worked in the hit and run department. I actually helped her with identifying car parts and she became a rising star in the field. I will say, the photos of the shattered car parts were not so bad. The other pictures she had were more than a little unsettling.

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    I once identified the make of a car (bubble gneration caprice) after it rammed my car in front of my house, by gluing some of the pieces together. Unfortunately, I did not catch the culprit

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      I had the exact same experience, except my culprit was driving a Dodge Shadow.  The cops were bored with my CSI skills which were plainly evident in a reassembled tail light, and so justice was never served.
      I fixed my car at my own expense, which turned out to be not so bad after all.

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    Ok guys – WHAT part of ‘an older Audi’ is made of fiberglass and has a ‘vent’ like that? Air tray under the nose?

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    I’ts an after market piece for an A4.

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    Mark MacInnis

    Body kit for an Audi S4….

    I hope the bastard fries.  Does Canada have the death penalty?

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       No we don’t have the death penalty. This case will drag through the courts for years. If the accused has a rich daddy,he might serve a year. Two at the most Canada’s justice system is a joke.

       Agreed…. Kudos to TTAC for running the photo.

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      I hope the bastard fries.

      Way to take the moral high ground. Revenge is not the same thing as justice, and a policy of revenge will see justice undone more often than not.

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      Plus, we really don’t know the whole story yet.  The trouble with the court of public opinion and our rapid fire news cycle is that everyone makes snap judgments based on sketchy early reports and by the time the facts are actually known everyone’s already forgotten about the case.
      Granted, the fact that the driver ran instead of stopping is a bit damning, but he was only 18, so it’s likely he was scared out of his mind too.  What if the cyclist was riding without proper reflective gear?  What if the cyclist swerved in front of the car?
      I’m sure everyone feels bad for the kid that got hit, but it’s important to let the legal system run its course to get all of the questions answered before you start stringing up a noose.

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      Plus, we really don’t know the whole story yet.
      That’s why we have to hurry and stone him to death now.  If we wait, the mob may disperse!

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    Kudos to TTAC for posting this.  You have the right audience.

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    Thanks for posting this, Ed.

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    Ah, yes. The ’96 – ’01 Audi A4/S4. Typical poseur car ’round my way for the young hooning male who has saved a couple thousand and needs to blow it on something “hawt”. Most likely it was just purchased for low 4 digits, 3rd or 4th owner, with 150K+ miles. Of course, he just had to see what it could do on the backroads.
    This guy the other day was in the same-gen S4, egging me on to race him in my MkV GTI, on the beltway, no less. I didn’t see him until he got next to me. He was way too young to have owned it new, he was dressed well enough to immediately identify him as that kid who just got his first “real” job. Any racing at that place and time, with this youngin’ had “bad idea” written all over it. I ignored him and he eventually punched the gas and went on, whence I noticed the very fresh-looking, no-creases-yet, paper tag. Any bets on how long it will take before he experiences his first CEL and all the pain that will come with it? This is the guy who my taxes will be supporting in our old age because of his need for instant gratification and general short-sightedness.
    /End rant

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    definitely a crappy aftermarket Fast and Furious part.  Glad they got their man, it’s impossible to armchair track a suspect down with just that clue. I suspect that same part could fit on a bilzzard of aftermarket bumper kits.

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    I ride a bicycle almost every day, and rare is the day that some A-hole doesn’t mess with me. They’ll run up on me and scream, they’ll play a game where they’ll see just how close they can come to me without actually hitting me, they throw stuff at me…I’m sure it’s all in good fun and the less of a chance I have of catching up to them (where I live, it’s pretty rural) the more severe and more often the hazing I catch.
    Just to be clear, I don’t ride in the middle of the road, I straddle the far right gutter. I obey the traffic laws and use signals. These SOB’s just don’t care, and they think they are cute. Bastards.
    It’s a shame what happened to that poor kid. Riding a bicycle shouldn’t be so dangerous.

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      joeveto3: hard to believe. Where do you live?

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      Another cyclist here and I can only say joe’s experiences are very, very common.

      It’s quite the psychological study of how merely being inside a metal and glass machine transforms people.

      As a parent, I’ve had to go from encouraging, to discouraging bicycle use. It’s just too dangerous. Which is really too bad. Now as older teenagers, during last summer’s trip to The Netherlands, they got to see a society that doesn’t treat cyclists as lepers. In some places there are “bike lanes” on the roads, in more, there are separate bicycle paths that parallel the auto road.

      Kids are killed on bikes all the time, not just because of wrecklesness, like the apparent case here, but because of inept civic planning.

      Forget bike lanes, I can’t tell you how many roads in my area don’t even have a sidewalk. A sidewalk!

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