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Paul Niedermeyer
by Paul Niedermeyer

Well, my attempt at slowing you down was totally futile. And (to my knowledge), we have a double winner: tklockau won for the second time in a row. Must try harder…but I wouldn’t be surprised if I’ve failed again.

Paul Niedermeyer
Paul Niedermeyer

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  • Majo8 Majo8 on Sep 01, 2010

    I agree. BMW. Paul -- just for future reference, was I not specific enough on my guess on the last ( Pontiac Trans Am ) CCC? I had the first reply and said it was a "Pontiac Firebird, most likely a Trans Am". Just curious..........

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    • Majo8 Majo8 on Sep 01, 2010

      Cool. I'll be more "timely" with future guesses.

  • SOF in training SOF in training on Sep 01, 2010

    The 2002... yes, but the 1600 also used these taillights, from 1964-70? So it and the 2002 until 1970.

    • Vermontwalton Vermontwalton on Sep 01, 2010

      Good catch, didn't think of the 1602. The two-door 1600 (also known as a 1600-2 or 1602) made its debut at the Geneva auto show in 1966. It was derived from the 1500 4-door (Running gear primarily).

  • Kenzter Kenzter on Sep 02, 2010

    I'm thinking a little later....72 or 73 BMW 2002?

  • Lokki Lokki on Sep 02, 2010

    Not many 1600's imported into the states - so a 72 2002