Curbside Classic Clue

Paul Niedermeyer
by Paul Niedermeyer
curbside classic clue

I apologize about the irregularity of the CC Clue. I’ve been cranking up the production of CCs substantially, hopefully without the same loss of quality and consequences as Toyota. So sometimes I’m up late writing, and it’s too late for the Clue, or I’m too tired. But today I set a personal best: wrote this morning’s Malibu CC and tomorrow’s mystery CC all by 4 PM! Time for quick Clue and head for a hunting walk beofre it gets dark. Enough about that; the Rabbit’s radio hole was going to be recognized by a former loving owner, and that would be Chuck Goolsbee. I promised him a prize of an un-rusty Toyota Tercel tailgate. I guess I better take some tools along, but I know I won’t have to walk far; there’s several a few blocks away.

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