See The World, Buy A Tesla

Bertel Schmitt
by Bertel Schmitt
see the world buy a tesla

Tesla cars are still hard to get and hard to find, but it’s not for a lack of international distribution. Soon, it will be easier to buy a Tesla out of the country than in the country. From April to June, Tesla Motors opened showrooms in Copenhagen and two other parts of the world, reports The Nikkei [sub] By the end of the year it plans to open three more showrooms in Tokyo, Paris and Milan.

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  • Robert.Walter Robert.Walter on Aug 06, 2010

    Based on my visit there last November, I can certify that Tesla had a nice dealership in a swanky part of Monte Carlo/Monaco, and in the parking garage under the park near the Grand Casion, there was a parking spot (maybe more) with power-supply reserved for plug-in cars, and the spot was occupied by ... wait for it ... a Tesla!

  • Lokki Lokki on Aug 06, 2010
    Unless it’s all just a part of a big shell game, where image trumps practicality. Ya think? Seriously, what does Tesla have to sell? I'd though that their source for the roadster had dried up, and that the sedan isn't even close to ready yet. That's some expensive real estate they're renting in order to sell dreams.

  • Daanii2 Daanii2 on Aug 06, 2010

    These stores should have a sign in front that says "American tax dollars at work."

    • Fahrkultur Fahrkultur on Aug 06, 2010

      Daanii2, I can confirm there is no such sign in front of Tesla's Zurich, Switzerland, showroom. Maybe that would increase the number of visitors to the showroom.

  • Its been 7 years since the company has been loosing money. ZEV credit income will decrease significantly as other car makers start EV production. U.S investor confidence is down the drain. spedning down. deficit up. unemployment up. etc... IPO saw the stock soar and shortly after free-fall. Some day-traders have made hundreds of thousands on this thing other have lost more. Whats my point? This stock will continue to drop below the IPO price (it currently sits at 17.58 and the IPO was 17). becasue that is the obviouse trend as Dow sheds a few more points. But, be sure, Tesla will not go away quietly... Infact I think the next decade will see the Tesla dream come true witha roar: Elon Musk is a winner, and a genius (read: SpaceX). Their technology is superior (read: charge life 254 miles, 1st in Alternative energy race). Their designs are modern and attractive. Their line of credit is deep (Musk, U.S taxpayer, toyota etc...) Their Brand is already international. Their R&D costs are surprisingly low. Their new facility in Freemont is state-of-the-art. Obama wants to put millions of EVs on the road in the next 5 years... Peak oil is. There is much more to be said... Im hoping for this stock to drop to 15$ when it does I will snap up as much as I can risk in my portfolio because I see a real winner here.. if they execute the sedan properly, by 2015 I would give it a target of $75. (if they dont get bought out by toyota before) --just a kid--