By on July 22, 2010

Via Twitter comes this, the first shot yet of the Dodge version of the new Jeep Grand Cherokee. Dodge won’t confirm whether the badly battered Durango name will grace its version of the JGC, but at least it’s clear that the brand is getting away from its truck-alike styling dependence. But with the new Grand Cherokee earning strong reviews, will Dodge’s (likely) decontented version be a letdown? It had better not be, because another big name from the SUV era is going to stake a claim in the mid-full CUV segment starting on Monday: Ford’s 2011 Explorer.

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27 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: Don’t Call It A Rebadge Edition...”

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    Looks good, nicely differentiated from JGC.

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    That’s the front-end the Magnum ought to have had.

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    This is not merely a decontented GC. The Dodge, with it’s longer wheelbase and third row seating, will cater to a slightly different customer. The Dodge will aim less at off-road capability, and instead focus on passenger hauling.

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    Allpar says it will be called Magnum.

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    Is not the JGC is the Durango’s substitute!

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    Sergio’s gonna be ticked! He doesn’t like photo leaks like this.

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      Don’t worry – the guy who took the photo this is probably locked up in the trunk of a 300C on the way to being dumped into a scag heap at the old Belle Isle Zoo.

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    I like it. Looks clean and modern. Not in the market, but it’s a nice looking car. Now, if they have good reliability, they could have a winner.

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    What’s wrong with it? Idk…but I do like it, which I couldn’t say about the last two Durango revisions.

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    Whaddya mean getting away from truck-alike styling? The Dodge Ram truck called and wants its front end back!

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    Looks like it was taken right by the A/C reprocess area.

    I know someone, who doesn’t own a camera, looking for job ;)

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    It looks good, much better than the upcoming Explorer. But, rightly or wrongly, the Ford name has more momentum behind it than Dodge/Chrysler no matter how good this new Durango is (and it should be good). I look forward to seeing it fully revealed and reviewed.

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      Has anyone outside of ford actually seen the new explorer (not test mules)?

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      No, aside from some teaser shots that barely show anything there haven’t been any official, or evev unofficial production vehicle shots of the Explorer. The reveal is on Monday, which makes me think this was a planned leak to get people talking and to get some press for the upcoming Durnum (Mango?) with inevitable styling comparisons when the explorer is unveiled.

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    Mark MacInnis

    Wonder what the gas mileage penalty is for the hideous maw on the front of that beast…and I think you worded it wrong: It should be…”Dodge won’t confirm whether the badly battered Durango name will DISgrace its version of the JGC….”

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    Ralph Gilles stated a while back that the “upcoming Dodge SUV” would not look as aerodynamic as it actually is. Similar to the front end of the Ram pickup.
    I can’t seem to find the article with the quote in it though…
    Basically, there is no aerodynamic penalty with that front end.

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    I think it looks great – the front end actually brings something interesting to the design, and for me at least makes up for the otherwise unadorned sides. Also, the C-pillar and wheel arch shapes (not to mention third row) make for good distinction from the Jeep – for someone who didn’t follow the biz, I doubt they’d see the relationship.

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    The evolution of the front end looks much better than previous generations. I’d almost say it’s handsome.

    If, and it’s a big if, the vehicle is as good as the early reviews of the the new GC indicate, and the build quality is been improved, they may have a hit on their hands. The Durango (Magnum?) appeals to a different demo than the Jeep GC, methinks and probably won’t cannabalize too many Jeep sales.

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    So maybe I’m oversimplifying it. The Grand Cherokee is to the Mercedes Benz ML as the Dodge Magnum/Durango is to the Mercedes Benz GL. I know both are highly modified platforms but they are now competing against each other.

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    looks great. chrysler/fiat is on the right path.

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    Dr Lemming

    Is there enough of a market to support such a significantly differentiated design? Why not add a third seat and a lower-priced variant of the GC?

    I’m also not sure I buy the argument that the upright front end doesn’t detract from aerodynamics. Maybe they managed to overcompensate for the grille elsewhere, but at the end of the day a brick on wheels is gonna be a brick on wheels.

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      The Commander was a resounding failure. Even though it was the same price, it sold poorly in comparison to the GC. What few sales it did take took a hit out of the GC sales.
      Jeep isn’t the brand to play around with Suburban like vehicles. This is a good step and helps toward better brand cohesion, especially in Jeep’s situation.

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    Dear Dodge,

    I. Like. It.

    Now please, make sure it comes in some really good exterior and interior colors.

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    “That’s the front-end the Magnum ought to have had.”

    YES! It looks a great deal better…muscular but still somewhat classy.

    In any event, I like ‘Ramcharger’ for this baby.

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    They will never call it Ramcharger, since they are trying to separate the Dodge and RAM brands.

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