What's Wrong With This Picture: Don't Call Me Alfa Edition

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
what s wrong with this picture don t call me alfa edition

If you had to guess what vehicle underpins this Guangzhou GAC Trumpchi, what would you guess? Here’s a hint: if you’re basing your answer on exterior styling, you will definitely get this one wrong…

… because underneath that Chinese designer’s take on the Toyota Avalon lies the platform from one of the more beautiful (if not wildly successful) sedans of the last ten years: the Alfa-Romeo 166. Bet you never saw that one coming! [via AutoBild]

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  • Oldyak Oldyak on Jan 03, 2011

    Its nice that any article about Alfa Romeo brings an rash of comments......There maybe a lot of love/hate opinions...but at least it shows that the marque is still newsworthy! and I hope worth saving!

    • Morea Morea on Jan 04, 2011

      I dunno. This is an auto blog and yet half of the posters spell it "Alpha". I'd say Fiat has their work cut out selling them in the US.

  • Commando Commando on Jan 04, 2011

    Curse you, TTAC! As soon as I saw your posting a pic of the 166, I just HAD to go find one to buy. Come to find out, I can't!!!! May all your servers catastrophically fail at the same time.

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