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Paul Niedermeyer
by Paul Niedermeyer
automotive history central portal to all of them here

Many new Automotive Histories as well as updated and expanded versions of many of these articles below are at the author’s new Curbside Classic site here]


Detroit Deathwatch – The Prequel (Part 1: 1950s-1960s)

Detroit Deatwatch – The Prequel (Part 2: 1970’s)

Detroit Deathwatch – The Prequel (Part 3: 1980’s)


Those Amazing Psychedelic Pontiac Ads by Fitzpatrick and Kaufman

Wild and Garish Cadillac V16 Concepts From the Sixties

The Cars of Bob Lutz: A Gallery of Winners and Losers

The Story Behind The Best Bob Lutz Photo Ever

The Birth of the Camaro

GM’s Suburbans: Celebrating 75 Years of Myth and Reality

Chevrolet Veraneio: Brazil’s Own Suburban

Mid-Engined Corvette Concepts

In Praise of the ’55-’57 Chevy

In Defense of the Corvair

Stunning Corvair Concepts by Pininfarina, Bertone and GM

Cadillac’s OHC V12 Engine That Was Almost Built

Pontiac – Part 1: 1926 – 1970 (2010)

Pontiac RIP: An Obituary

GM’s Branding Fiasco: Buick (Updated 2010)

GM’ Branding Fiasco Part 1: Sloan’s Vision Betrayed (2007)

GM’s Branding Fiasco Part 2: Chevrolet’s ADD (2007)

GM’s Branding Fiasco Part 3: Pontiac Only Lived Twice (2007)

GM’s Branding Fiasco Part 4: Oldsmobile Pegs Out (2007)

GM’s Branding Fiasco Part 5: Buick, Fading Fast (2007)

GM’s Branding Fiasco Part 6: Cadillac Falls Down (2007)

GM Deathwatch 2752: Mistakes from the 1940s-1950s


Lincoln: Up to 1961

1972 Ford Carousel Concept: The Minivan’s True Father?

Ford’s Déjà Vu Moment, Part 1 (re: Donald Petersen/1981 crisis)

Ford’s Déjà Vu Moment, Part 2

Ford’s Fox Platform Cars


Chrysler History: 1929 – 1979

Chrysler History: 1980 – 2007

Chrysler RIP: An Obituary

The Truth About Why Chrysler Destroyed The Turbine Cars

Book Review: Chrysler’s Turbine Car – The Rise And Fall Of Detroit’s Coolest Creation

Hemi Love: A Personal Retrospective on the Hemi

Other US Makes

Checker Motors

Vintage Checker Ads


The Birth of the VW Bus

VW Kübelwagen and Schwimmwagen

VW’s Stillborn Big Wide Car: The AmiWagen (EA128)

The Amphicar

1949 DKW Schnellaster: The Mother of all Minivans?

Mercedes 207D and other Vintage MB Vans, Small Buses and Campers

Tempo Boy – Three Wheeled Trucks And World Speed Record Holder


Bristol Coupes: The Ultimate Living Dinosaurs

The Jenson-Built Austin A40 and other Austins of the Fifites


The Remarkable Panhard

1968 Quasar Unipower: The Rolling Glass Cube


Illustrated History of Tatra

Tatra T613 and T700: The Ultimate Rear-Engined Sedans


TTAC Celebrates Forty Years of the Corolla

Honda’s Wild 9000RPM Mid-Engine 1963 T360/T500 Pickup

Subaru: The Scrappiest Car Maker Ever?

Vintage Subaru 360 TV Ads And Promo Film


Automotive Aerodynamics: Part 1

Automotive Aerodynamics: Part 2

Automotive Aerodynamics: Part 3

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  • Juniper Juniper on May 09, 2010

    Paul. Good job, keep them coming. You and your boss Ed, plus all the other contributors are doing a great job. And happy mothers day to all you muthas.

  • on Mar 22, 2014

    This is a great part of TTAC. Why is it not being updated?

  • ToolGuy Question: F-150 FP700 (  Bronze or  Black) supercharger kit is legal in 50 states, while the  Mustang supercharger kit is banned in California -- why??
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  • Charles I had one and loved it . Seated 7 people . Easy to park , great van
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  • Alan I would think Ford would beef up the drive line considering the torque increase, horse power isn't a factor here. I looked at a Harrop supercharger for my vehicle. Harrop offered two stages of performance. The first was a paltry 100hp to the wheels (12 000AUD)and the second was 250hp to the wheels ($20 000 (engine didn't rev harder so torque was significantly increased)). The Stage One had no drive line changes, but the Stage Two had drive line modifications. My vehicle weighs roughly the same as a full size pickup and the 400'ish hp I have is sufficient, I had little use for another 100 let alone 250hp. I couldn't see much difference in the actual supercharger setup other than a ratio change for the drive of the supercharger, so that extra $8 000 went into the drive line.