The Governator Welcomes China's BYD To California

Bertel Schmitt
by Bertel Schmitt
the governator welcomes china s byd to california

Thank you, God, or make that Uzume, for keeping me alive long enough so that I can announce this: The Governator himself, that Austrian incarnate of Red, White, Blue, Mom & Apple Pie, has received a starring role in China’s Xinhua newswire:

“California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger announced on Friday that Chinese manufacturer BYD Auto Company Limited (BYD) will locate its North American headquarters in Los Angeles.”

“BYD is the first major Chinese mass-production automobile company to set up a headquarters in the United States,” said the governor. And he didn’t mention “HUMMER” with one word.

Schwarzenegger praised BYD’s “decision to choose California that was based largely on the state’s commitment to nation-leading green policies that create long-term demand for renewable energy automobiles and products.” Any inducements were not mentioned.

“California’s market-friendly energy and environmental policies are playing a vital role not only in making California more energy secure but also in bringing companies like BYD to our state,” said Schwarzenegger.

The impact on California’s job market is benign: BYD will create up to 150 jobs in California, but it’s a start. Amazing how much verbiage the Governator produced for 150 jobs – and we shortened the Xinhua report for brevity.

Also, don’t read too much car related stuff into the BYD HQ. They will be “responsible for sales, marketing, and research and development for its automobiles and energy products, which include solar panels, LED lighting systems and home and grid level energy storage units.” In other words, a sales office for everything the eager hands at BYD create.

Reverse engineering and cavalier attitude towards intellectual property were not mentioned.

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  • Telegraph Road Telegraph Road on May 01, 2010

    Perhaps Mr. Universe thought that he was welcoming BVD to California.

  • Porschespeed Porschespeed on May 22, 2010

    Apologies to those who are not old enough to remember 'Pumping Iron" but... Eet iz still like I am cuhming everywhere ven I find ze new zources of revenue.

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