By on April 30, 2010

Thank you, God, or make that Uzume, for keeping me alive long enough so that I can announce this: The Governator himself, that Austrian incarnate of Red, White, Blue, Mom & Apple Pie, has received a starring role in China’s Xinhua newswire:

“California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger announced on Friday that Chinese manufacturer BYD Auto Company Limited (BYD) will locate its North American headquarters in Los Angeles.”

“BYD is the first major Chinese mass-production automobile company to set up a headquarters in the United States,” said the governor. And he didn’t mention “HUMMER” with one word.

Schwarzenegger praised BYD’s “decision to choose California that was based largely on the state’s commitment to nation-leading green policies that create long-term demand for renewable energy automobiles and products.” Any inducements were not mentioned.

“California’s market-friendly energy and environmental policies are playing a vital role not only in making California more energy secure but also in bringing companies like BYD to our state,” said Schwarzenegger.

The impact on California’s job market is benign: BYD will create up to 150 jobs in California, but it’s a start. Amazing how much verbiage the Governator produced for 150 jobs – and we shortened the Xinhua report for brevity.

Also, don’t read too much car related stuff into the BYD HQ. They will be “responsible for sales, marketing, and research and development for its automobiles and energy products, which include solar panels, LED lighting systems and home and grid level energy storage units.” In other words, a sales office for everything the eager hands at BYD create.

Reverse engineering and cavalier attitude towards intellectual property were not mentioned.

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13 Comments on “The Governator Welcomes China’s BYD To California...”

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    “Every time I have a prayer of doing zomething, anyzing to bahlance ze budget, eet’s like I’m comming….”

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    “Every time I cahn find a new zource of revenue, eet ees like I am cuhmming…”

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    California’s market-friendly energy and environmental policies are playing a vital role not only in making California more energy secure but also in bringing companies like BYD to our state…


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      Let me echo that, John Fritz. I moved here to California 18 years ago. Market friendly it is not. Its energy and environmental policies are foolish. Energy secure? What a joke.

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    Yeah, you know being the most populated state, tend to have more pollutions and the population wants cleaner more stringent air laws. Go figure. I know it’s a hard concept for most people out there to understand.

    I mean California have one of the very strict air regulations and yet we still have problems:

    The reason why most companies might want California is perhaps the education. UC systems have the most Nobel prize laureates and the state have lots of NSF grants cause of the size and intellectual population. Heck, Livermore in CA is trying to make fusion here.

    Note they just want their headquarter there, not manufacturing, probably to get some educated people from California. They’ll move later on once they take em, like Nissan.

    Most manufacturing plants are usually not in California anyway. The rules and regulations are pretty strict and the other states are desperate and willing to offer crazy amount of incentives unlike CA.

    As for energy secure we haven’t have a black out since… 1996? I don’t really remember but we have a wind farm project coming up. So yeah, California do try to be energy secure. Before Texas decided to build a massive wind farm, I believe, we had the largest out of all other states.

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      …and also, infamously, the most dead and deserted windmills….30 to 40 thousand.

      CA also has to deal with the ironic battle between environmentalists on both sides of the issue. Feinstein is working on legislation to limit wind farms from some areas.

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      California doesn’t have more ‘stringent air laws’ because of its population. It has more laws because it has an overzealous group of politicians and different environmental objectives than other states. The fact that you have a greater amount of people in a given geographical area doesn’t necessarily mean you have to enact more onerous environmental regulations against its citizenry. I don’t think anyone in California (or anywhere else) wants to live next to a pile of crap or breath in a toxic atmosphere. But how clean is clean enough? When these environmental policies restrict the ability for businesses to operate in a cost-effective and profitable manner, then perhaps its time to reconsider the environmental goals we’ve set for ourselves. You start shutting down businesses, you kiss economic growth goodbye and along with that the revenue stream that made all of this green living achievable to begin with.

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      Do you have a source for this number (30-40K) of abandoned wind mills? Sounds far fetched to me.

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      There are about 14,000 abandoned power windmills in California. Not 30,000 to 40,000.

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    “California doesn’t have more ’stringent air laws’ because of its population. It has more laws because it has an overzealous group of politicians and different environmental objectives than other states…”

    Yes, but the legislative, executive, and ultimately, the judicial branches all serve at the pleasure of the voters.

    The voters always get what they want.

    And this is what they want. This is what they have. I don’t see any changes happening anytime soon. Not now, not in November. I hope I am wrong, but I don’t think I am.

    There was a time when I would have loved to live in California. But not now. Maybe it’s just me.

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      The voters always get what they want.

      I believe the Supreme Court gave us W. That was not what the majority voted for.

      Politicians, including the Justices, do as they see fit with little regard to what is best for our country, let alone the earth.

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    Telegraph Road

    Perhaps Mr. Universe thought that he was welcoming BVD to California.

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    Apologies to those who are not old enough to remember ‘Pumping Iron” but…

    Eet iz still like I am cuhming everywhere ven I find ze new zources of revenue.

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