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Yes, really. And, according to Chrysler’s official blog post, the three year partnership is already going swimmingly.

The nation’s storied auto company and the nation’s storied space agency are joining forces again, by announcing a three-year alliance to exchange information on advanced technology across a broad spectrum of engineering and scientific areas that both organizations can benefit from. The alliance allows Chrysler Group and NASA to tap into existing and emerging space exploration and automotive technologies… Chrysler has already benefited from the alliance from shared research on reliable surface navigation sensors.

Topics under investigated for technology sharing include: materials engineering, robotics, radar, battery systems and other energy storage mediums. Project teams have been assigned to different technologies, and each team includes a Chrysler Group and a NASA technical specialist
Plus Chrysler gets to write up an undisclosed number of NASA-related press releases over the next three years. On the downside: the Government Motors/Challenger jokes.
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16 Comments on “Chrysler, NASA Form R&D Partnership...”

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    AHA…with the cancellation of the space program many NASA engineers risked job loss. Now with Obama bucks the NASA engineers can stay employed a little bit longer, perhaps until Republicans control congress.

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    I am old enough to miss the old days when Nasa was reliant on Chrysler’s engineers in Huntsville. Now, unfortunately, its Chrysler that has to rely on Nasa.

    There is kind of a wierd synergy, when you think about it. Government has engineers without enough to do, and it has a car company that is in dire need of engineers (Thank you Daimler and Cerberus). I guess it can’t hurt.

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      Lug Nuts

      I very briefly worked at the old Pentastar facility next to Redstone Arsenal. I’ll say this about it: government lackeys look like prolific masters of positive attitude and efficiency compared to the Union there at Chrysler. No human being with half an ounce of ability and/or ambition would have stayed there for long.

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    Hey, buddy! That shuttle got a hemi in it?

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    To me, the real benefit to society from, say, Apollo, was not the moon landing. It was thousands of advancements that were achieved by force of will. The knock on benefits of which, were not only great for the economy, but actually reminded the general population that science is cool.

    Now that the serious part is out of the way-

    Somebody cue up Waylon Jennings… “I wonder how them Duke boys are gonna get out of this one?”

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    So perhaps this partnership will allow Chrysler to get some vague no-need-to-pay-back loans from the govt to work on green tech.

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    Rod Panhard

    Does this mean that the company that’s been credited with putting cup-holders in the shuttle-like minivan will soon have Space Food Stick dispensers?

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    Robert Schwartz

    Talk about drowning men clutching each other.

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    “On the downside: the Government Motors/Challenger jokes.” Ahem. Let’s just hope this is a one-way only collaboration.

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    Bo and Luke Duke knew how to launch a Chrysler.

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    Pure and simple, this arrangement is a device for shoveling taxpayer dollars to Chrysler and the UAW. Consider it part of the bribe paid to Fiat to take this dog.

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    Interesting you should post this picture. I was wondering the other day after seeing a similar picture can you really get a stock car, of any sort, airborne without risk of doing serious damage? The force on the tires, rims, suspension, and subframes must be punishing.

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    Chrysler has a history with NASA. At one time they built some of the most important rocket engines and components for the space agency, and played a critical part in getting our astronauts to the moon.

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    ton12 (of GM)

    Reminds me of when Kmart and Sears joined up.

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    The real question is how is this going to improve my satellite dish reception?

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