By on April 21, 2010

The fabled Mercedes “Shooting Break” (or Brake ) is one step closer to productiondom. Gasgoo reports that the Shooting Break will make “its world debut at the Auto China motor show later this week.” Meaning Friday, the 23rd. TTAC will be there.

Say our friends at Gasgoo: “Rather than the Shooting Break just being some ambitious concept that will never see the light of day, it sounds and looks like we are being given a glimpse of how the next generation CLS will look.”

Alright. But someone explain to me why Sindelfingen insists on using names that conjure up images of shot brakes? Aren’t the reading the Toyota news?

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14 Comments on “Benz Will Give Beijing A (Shooting) Break...”

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    I love it. Hope the next S-class and E-class look like this.

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    I hope this replaces the R Class. This is what that monstrosity should have been.

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      The front end of this “Shooting Break” looks very much like the front end of the 2011 R Class coming later this year. I’m not a fan of the R Class but this front end style change is a huge improvement.

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      That profile view in the last SB post makes the nose look positively porcine. I’m NOT digging it. If it isn’t at least “not-ugly” from all the important angles, it fails.

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    What’s the difference between a shooting brake and a station/estate wagon?

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      It sounds much cooler…and it’s less practical, traditionally, shooting brakes only have two doors. This is the 4 door coupe of shooting brakes…

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      I believe the term originally was “scooting brick”, and after a few translations it morphed to shooting brake. Actually I just made that up, but honestly, how the hell is a two-door wagon a brake, and what is it supposed to be shooting?

      Decent looking concept, can’t wait to see the real thing.

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      Uncle Mellow

      “shooting-brake” is an olde english term for station wagon.

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      Got me curious, cue Wikipedia:
      “In the early 19th century, a brake was a large carriage-frame with no body, used for breaking in young horses. By the late 19th century the meaning had been extended to a large waggonette designed for country use. A “shooting brake” carried a driver and gamekeeper facing forward and up to six sportsmen on longitudinal benches with their dogs, guns and game carried alongside in slat-sided racks.”

      I like my explanation better. I doubt you’ll get six sportsmen with their dogs, guns, and game in the back of that Mercedes, but it would be fun to watch someone try.

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    I can see the 2-door as having a special designation since 2-door wagons are not the norm. This Benz looks to have very little useable rear cargo area, which is also a deviation from a standard [practical] wagon.

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    Yes, quite. What will the comrades be shooting?

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    This just plain stinks.

    Maybe Im in the minority, but damn that’s not what a SHOOTING BRAKE is designed to be..

    Its SUPPOSED to be a lightweight AND DRIVABLE vehicle, to do things that a coupe can not, where as a 5dr wagon would be too long / big.

    Gives me the shivers.. to think this could be put in production with an est price of 50g.

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