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How could the whole Toyota iQ-rebadging situation get any more embarrassing for Aston-Martin? The answer is staring you in the face. The Aston Cygnet is rapidly becoming one for the history books [via]

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21 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: Fish In A Barrel Edition...”

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    Judging from those pictures, there is some confusion between St. Patrick’s Day and April Fools Day…at least for whomever released those pics.

    I REALLY hope that the tuxedoed man isn’t supposed to evoke thoughts of 007. If he starts driving one of these, I am changing sides and supporting SPECTRE.

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    Uncle Mellow

    You’re missing the point. You buy a DB9 and get a Cygnet as an optional accessory.That way you don’t have to crank up that big V12 just to pop to the supermarket.You might help save the planet , and maybe save your DB9 from getting hit by a shopping trolley.

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    As usual with ‘what’s wrong with this picture’

    everything. it makes me cry.

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    If this is supposed to be funny, I’m not laughing.

    Where’s the Cygnet with Blue Alize vinyl wrap?

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    What happens to their CAFE rating if they give away a Cygnet with every “normal” Aston?

    I mean, if the cost of a Cygnet is less than the per-vehicle non-compliance fine, they’re ahead of the game.

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    GM couldn’t have done it better…

    Some on topic LULZ from the MetaCars site (read some days ago)

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    The model in one of the pictures has a look on her face that seems to say ‘he said he had an Aston-Martin, but all I see is this crappy little city car.”

    The NATO woodlands camo is the funniest to me. It’s like seeing a Chav with an SAS patch on his hoodie.

    I think they should camoflage this car, in a way that no one notices the car exists or that you’re driving it.

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    As another poster clearly pointed out, you can’t get one of these without springing for an actual Aston. It’s not as if you’ll see these all over the place poisoning the brand altogether. Some of the designs depicted here to sear the eyes though.

    I’d consider it something of a novelty if anything.

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    Obviously completely ridiculous, but also no worse than any number of high-end handbag designs. And that’s what this is, in a way.

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    Ummmmmmmmmmmmm….. Wow. How bout a Bentley version.

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    Amendment X

    Not even Oddjob would drive this thing.

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    Rod Panhard

    A “cygnet” is a baby swan, not a baby tiger. It should have feathers.

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    For some reason i feel like i should be upset about the Cygnet, but really i don´t see a problem with it. At least as long as they only sell them to current Aston owners. The interior looks really nice too, i would tone down the red though..

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    Seems to me that the Cygnet is a purse on wheels for the wives of Aston owners.

    (and before anyone thinks I’m being sexist, note all the Aston publicity photos that have women next to their Cygnets in posh parts of London…the car always matches their shoes and dress…it isn’t me, it’s Aston)

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    The problem with the Cygnet is that it causes cognitive dissonance.

    The Aston Martin image is one of hedonism and escape from the mundane trivialities of everyday life. Thus the association with James Bond and that fantasy world. Try to imagine James Bond, unshaven, in shorts and a t-shirt picking up a package of ground beef at a Super-Walmart on a Saturday morning. Well, according to our posters here, when he does that he drives a Cygnet.

    I understand that the role model for the Cygnet is the success of the Mini, but that’s a difficult image to build artifically. The Mini started as a bottom-feeder’s car, but became a cult car it was a cheap platform to customize – the same as the VW Beetle.

    I think Aston’s effort would be better received if it used a Mini with an Aston built race motor or something similar.

    As it is, most Cygnet buyers will drive it once and then give it to their kids, nephews, nieces, or to the kid of a friend to drive to school.

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      ^ Whouldn’t that be worth the price of admission? :) “Oh Buffy I’m letting you drive the ASTON to school today!” Followed by a hissy fit meltdown.

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    Kyle Schellenberg

    Images 4 and 5 look like someone used MS Paint to create a red/yellow grill outline – brutal!

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    I actually kind of like the one in Gulf livery, but then again, that makes any car look good.

    My biggest problem with the Cygnet is that they based it off of a Toyota platform. While there may not be a great British designed and built city car anymore that they could have based it off of, they could have at least stayed in Europe and gone to the Fiat 500 or something like that for their base vehicle.

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      When the Aston Martin breaks down, at least they’ll have a Japanese car as backup. It just happens to be painted the same colors as childrens’ underpants.

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    Seth L

    I love the one in Gulf livery. I can’t think of a car with a more instant-cult pedigree.

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