What's Wrong With This Picture: Fish In A Barrel Edition

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
what s wrong with this picture fish in a barrel edition

How could the whole Toyota iQ-rebadging situation get any more embarrassing for Aston-Martin? The answer is staring you in the face. The Aston Cygnet is rapidly becoming one for the history books [via Autocar.co.uk]

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  • NulloModo NulloModo on Mar 17, 2010

    I actually kind of like the one in Gulf livery, but then again, that makes any car look good. My biggest problem with the Cygnet is that they based it off of a Toyota platform. While there may not be a great British designed and built city car anymore that they could have based it off of, they could have at least stayed in Europe and gone to the Fiat 500 or something like that for their base vehicle.

    • Waftable Torque Waftable Torque on Mar 17, 2010

      When the Aston Martin breaks down, at least they'll have a Japanese car as backup. It just happens to be painted the same colors as childrens' underpants.

  • Seth L Seth L on Mar 17, 2010

    I love the one in Gulf livery. I can't think of a car with a more instant-cult pedigree.

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  • TheEndlessEnigma Here comes the Tassos rant...
  • Jeff Good to read a review on a car that many readers can afford and agree on as a solid choice.
  • Ajla The V6 Accord was so popular with internet car website commenters that it turned into a meme. I don't think this current gen carries on that tradition though, many reviews make it sound like a regression. I think the Ford Maverick is the new internet sweetheart.Or the Kia Telluride, which is objectively the greatest ICE vehicle of all time.