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No, it’s not a concept, and yes, it is coming to the US this fall. The Versa-based Juke clearly hopes to banish the term “Aztek” [noun, referring to the ugliest crossover ever sold in the US] from the modern automotive lexicon. We’d Juke around some more about this tiny rolling affront to the laws of natural beauty, but frankly we can’t bring ourselves to. For one thing, where do you start, and for another, where would we stop? Expect thesaurus sales to jump considerably when the Juke hits the press-car circuit later this year.

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41 Comments on “Geneva Gallery: 2011 Nissan Juke...”

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    After browsing through your photos, I think it’s official: this car is uglier than the Aztek. It has strange proportions that make it look like an oversized toy; it has too many headlights and textures going on in the hideous front end, the ludicrously oversized wheel arches make the wheels look miniscule, and in profile it looks like a melting Kia Soul with a door handle missing. Nissan has definitely whiffed on this one. Sure, some people will like it, just like some people liked the Aztek…and Nissan may not lose as much money on it as GM did with their disaster, but still…why the hell would they DO something like this?

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    Rhymes with ‘Puke’

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    I sorta like it. But then again I really love Nash Metropolitans and early 60’s Ramblers too :)

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    It’s begging for Aztec comparisons with that two-tiered headlight/parking light thing it has going on.

    I’m usually pretty drawn to oddball cars, and not always so willing to jump on a bandwagon and declare a car hideous. But this one? Wow…that is ten pounds of ugly in a five-pound bag.

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    So if this is Versa-based, and so is the Cube, how many more do we need?

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      Dunno, but as a Versa owner, I can say it’s a great little platform. Take it as you will, but my wife thinks the Juke is very attractive, and I can see some C30 in the ass end — but overall, yeah, it looks pretty ridiculous. I suspect teenagers are going to love this, because if you smack upsized wheels on it, you’ll end up with something that looks like a hot wheels car.

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    That thing better have a hell of an engine in it if it’s going to look like THAT.

    Yet, I can’t stop looking at it.

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    I can live with it being funny-looking because I dig funny-looking cars, but doesn’t this present Nissan with intra-showroom congestion problems?

    The Versa is very roomy inside; jacking it up would put the less-roomy Rogue in a bit of hurt, and the Rogue is already hurting sales of the Murano.

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    The front looks like they had TWO different design proposals, and decided to use BOTH of them on ONE vehicle. I can stomach the side and rear views, but that front makes me feel queasy.

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    It’s ugly, but still not Aztek ugly. Are you sure it’s production ready, maybe it’s just a bad juke?


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    Better to keep on keeping on in your hot Focuses, sexy Corollas, stunning Accords, non-conformist Sentras and controversial Camrys.

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    The problem wasn’t that the Aztek was ugly**, it was that it was ugly, not particularly reliable and not very good. It was a GM U-Body van (there’s an auspicious starting point) with worse mileage, less space, clumsier handling, poor ergonomics and, yes, much worse styling.

    Ugliness was it’s skin, but mediocrity went to the core.

    By this metric, the Juke might do well as the Versa is actually a pretty good car

    ** ok, maybe it was part of the problem.

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      Too bad that Aztek Mark Reuss is now Big Ed Whitacre’s new “car guy”. Prediction: GM will miss Lutz after Mark’s reign of error gets underway.

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    Kill it with fire!!! Face like a warthog, side profile of a ‘Toon-town car, and the rear looks like a Volvo melted from too much time in the sun…

    I’m speechless…interesting to see how many they sell…is this what “the kids” want nowadays? (I’m 40)…back in my day, when we wanted something affordable and Japenese, we lusted after Toyota Mr-2s, or a Celica GT-S, or a Prelude or the like…

    Are all those video games making these kids friggin’ blind? Egads, I hope this thing dies a quick death, and they get back to making some affordable sporty coupes.

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    crash sled

    Poor Nissan. I’m looking at that thing, and deep down buried deep inside Nissanville, somebody had designs on ripping off the old VW Bug. They got it right with the simple, prominent headlights, but then slashed those horrible knife wound whatevers on top of the front quarter panels, and ruined the front end. Ugh.

    The wheel openings would have to be gauche, to fit the Bug concept, so they got that part “right”.

    A Bug with a lowered roofline? Probably a nice idea, but this rig sure ain’t that idea’s execution.

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    The photo software does not appear to be working.

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    Nissans are so “design forward” that they look quite dated in about 3 years. That said, I don’t hate this car. I like that it’s unique.

    The name “Juke” makes me cringe for some reason, however.

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    I dunno, the Scion box and the Kia Soul have done okay. We can joke about the Aztek or PT Cruiser but there’s a market for small vans.

    I wonder if Nissan will license Juke by Little Walter. One of the greatest harmonica tunes ever.

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    And everyone thinks the Chrysler Sebring is an ugly car??? WTF!

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    I like it. In our increasingly effiminate society it’s nice to see a vehicle with a smidgen of masculinity. If an Infinity FX50 had it’s way with a Sentra this would be the offspring. (The Sentra probably would have died during child birth though.)

    I’m not a fan of Japaneese brand cars, but if Nissan puts their potent 3.5 liter engine in this vehicle I’ll definitely get one. Don’t wuss out on me Nissan!

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    I like it too, but the ultimate decider of how it will do is this. What will it cost?

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    Seth L

    We keep getting [i]close[/i] to the return of the AMC Eagle, this may actually deliver.

    It will probably be marred by CVT only AWD.

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    Robert Schwartz

    If I owned a dog that was that ugly I would shave its rear end and make it walk backwards.

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    I wonder if Nissan dares to offer this monstrosity in Europe.
    Except for the SSangyong Rodius, I have never seen such an awkward design. Forget the Aztec. This is the ultimate eyesore.

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    Looks like another “what were they thinking moment.” Do they do this to draw attention to themselves and hope to lure a few people into the showrooms? Remember when there were some decent looking vehicles on the market? I still think the Integra looks way better than 90% of what’s out there now, and you could put alot into the back of one of those. The RSX also. Now go to an Acura dealer. Not so many nice looking choice there anymore and nothing in the Integra/RSX segment. Toyota used to have nice looking Celicas and Supras, hell even the MR2 looks good still. Now thier lineup is boring as hell. Of course boring is one thing, but some of the latest vehicles out there are into the hideous category. The new Honda Crosstour and Acura ZDX. Brutal. The new Mazda3s are nowhere near as nice as the old ones, nor is the Subaru Integra. Also, why are cars getting so heavy? Yes, there’s more power, but almost every model is now way heavier than it should be. The concept of power to weight ratio seems to be forgotten.

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    This seems like a good time to reprise my offering in the last Juke comment thread – in a reply to a poster who compared the Juke’s face to that of a demented, disfigured human, I drew Juke As Man.

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    That is one of the worst designs I’ve seen in some time. It’s almost as bad as the vomit inducing 1998 Fiat Multipla.

    I guess we’ll see a facelift really soon.

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    If you could choose a new front end I’d might go for it. It’s quirky but face it people, you can’t keep complaining about boring “people movers” then bitch about something that’s new. At least they’re trying something different.

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    I agree with Dimwit. We complain that they all look the same but we are getting in line to crucify Nissan for doing something different. My gut says it will sell if it starts at less the 15K. The Aztek’s demise was far more than just a case of the uglies.

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    Why does every thing that comes from Nissan Renault have that awful Vel Satis like rear window? To chime in on another vibe, everyone thought my Aztek was ugly…

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    Photo #11 is hillarious!

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    Never mix acid with car design.

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    The design has good elements, like the side view and stance, but is let down by other aspects, like the front end (which seems to have a far too similar layout to the Azrek). A bit more refinement in the front end and this could be a very unique and funky design.

    I tend to like bold, innovative designs, even if they register a bit low on the beauty meter because they are generally better than the some safe run of the mill repeat.

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    At least the Aztek didn’t lose 30% cargo capacity for a goofy styling gimmick for that butt. Oddly, it’s also the least attractive feature of the Leaf…

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    Aside from the hideous front end, I kinda like it. But I couldn’t get past that front end. What were they thinking? Or, more likely, smoking?

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    Steeply sloped greenhouse and 2 stubby doors. Practically speaking, how does a human fit in this thing?

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