Reader Request: December 2009 Market Share

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
reader request december 2009 market share

We get a lot of mail here at TTAC, and we do make an effort to get to as much of it as we can. For example, reader kevin recently wrote in to say how much he enjoyed our past market share breakdowns, and asked us to publish a chart for December 2009. Because he asked so nicely (and succinctly), his wish has come true in the form of this chart. If you have questions, comments or requests for TTAC’s staff, just drop us a line at our contact form. If you’ve already tried contacting us with something important and haven’t heard back (yes, these things do happen), just send us one more email before you give up. We always appreciate the interest, we just don’t always have time to tame the raging inbox. Meanwhile, is Chrysler really two percentage points behind Honda already?

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  • 86er 86er on Feb 16, 2010

    That VWOA is on a tear, I tells ya! In 20 or 30 years they will certainly be USA1!

  • Obbop Obbop on Feb 16, 2010

    For as much media attention I perceive (magazine articles, various essays, newspaper write-ups, etc) I am shocked, shocked I tell yah', that Mazda has a mere 1.8 percent market share.

  • Trond Trond on Feb 16, 2010

    Probably because Hyundai Motor Co only holds 38 % of Kia Motors.

  • Nick Nick on Feb 16, 2010

    Fond farewell Suzuki, the absence of your ... um, er, things will leave a gaping hole in the marketplace.