Sales Heating Up At Ford: Plus 33% In December; Market Share Up In 2009 (Now Updated With All Model YTD Sales)

Paul Niedermeyer
by Paul Niedermeyer
sales heating up at ford plus 33 in december market share up in 2009 now updated

Ford wraps up a difficult year on a high note: sales were up 33% in December compared to a year ago. And although year-end totals were down 15.4% from ’08, that still outpaced the market to deliver Ford’s first annual market share increase since 1995. Ford estimates its 2009 market share to come in at 15%, up one percentage point from 2008. Details:

The Fusion was up 83%, capping an all-time sales record for the month (18,852) and for the year (181k). The Escape had a similar run in December (up 75%) and a yearly total of 173k. Ford claims to be the biggest seller of crossovers. Edge was up 59% and Flex up 73%.

The F-Series continued to be America’s sweetheart, although nowhere near what it sold in the good bad old days. The pickups posted a 16% gain in December, and a yearly total of 414k. It also gained 4 percentage points in segment market share.

Taurus continues to sell at about double its predecessor’s rate, and moved 7,256 units in the month. And Mustang put on a good show, up 62% in December.

Here are the monthly/annual changes by brand: Ford +37%/-14%; Lincoln: +16%/-23%; Mercury: +6%/-23%; Volvo: +14%/-16%

Here’s some 2009 totals:

Crown Vic 33,255 -32%

Taurus 45,617 -13%

Fusion 180,671 +22%

Focus 160,433 -18%

Mustang 66,623 -27%

Flex 38,717 +168%

Edge 88,548 -20%

Escape 173,044 +10%

Expedition 31,655 -43%

Explorer 52,190 -34%

F-Series 413,627 -20%

Ranger 55,600 -16%

Econoline 85,735 -32%

Transit Connect 8,834


MKS 17,171 +32%

MKZ 22,081 -27%

MKX 21,433 -26%

Town car 11,375 -27%

MKT 2,580

Navigator 8,057 -46%


Grand Marquis 24,783 -17%

Milan 27,401 -13%

Mariner 28688 -11%

Mountaineer 5,169 -51%


S40 7,957 -18%

V50 2,155 +16%

S60 5,895 -34%

S80 8,331 -25%

V70 1816 -44%

XC60 8,262

XC70 5,825 -39%

XC90 10,757 -43%

C70 5,170 -7%

C30 4,260 -1%

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  • Telegraph Road Telegraph Road on Jan 05, 2010

    Agreed Len_A, my sober and calmer side doesn't miss him either. Your comment is spot on. But my drunken and spirited side yearns for a sparring partner.

  • RobertSD RobertSD on Jan 06, 2010

    @th009 A fleet sale does not equal a rental fleet sale. Ford has long dominated the commercial and government space with its pick-ups and vans, and it actually gained some marketshare here as well in 2009. Its rental fleet composition is about 11% right now - comparable to Toyota and lower than Hyundai (which was close to 35% - not sure where they ended the year), Nissan and probably GM. For the year, Ford likely ended at 68% retail, 11-12% rental and 20-21% govt/commercial. I haven't listened to their sales call yet, so I'm not sure exactly how things broke out (or if they disclosed it).

    • Th009 Th009 on Jan 06, 2010

      Would love to hear the details, especially for December, which had improved sales and a 35% fleet component. Please do post once you have them ...

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