January Sales: Nissan Up 19%; Honda Down 5% – Fit Crashes

Paul Niedermeyer
by Paul Niedermeyer
january sales nissan up 19 honda down 5 fit crashes

Nissan scored another hit in its recent sales streak. Driven by strong increases of its passenger cars (Sentra: +41%; Altima: +32%; Versa: +18%), Nissan cars overall posted a powerful 37% increase from a year ago. The 370Z is the laggard, down 47%; perhaps from the heavy pony car trio of Camaro, Mustang and Challenger? Nissan trucks were down 8%, but the Titan is stabilizing, and was about even with last year. Infiniti was down 6% in January. Full chart here.

Meanwhile, Honda slipped:

Honda reports DSR adjusted numbers, so these gross numbers may look different than others are reporting. American Honda overall was down 5%. Honda brand cars were up 6%, led by strong Accord sales (up 25%), to which the new Crosstour is contributing (1737 units). But the poor Fit is having a sales fit: down a whopping 43%. With only 2697 units sold, the one-time darling of the small car segment is falling off the charts. What’s going on? Too expensive? Too ugly?

Honda brand trucks were off 18%, due to pretty serious drops in all models except the Odyssey. Acura cars were off by 21%, and Acura up by 10%, thanks to a continued good showing by the MDX. Here’s the full chart:

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  • Wulfgar Wulfgar on Feb 03, 2010

    tedward Not dismissing the interior at all. Just saying it is an answer to a question the mass-market never asked. The few people that needed such a combination bought it. The rest of the people in that market are looking for cheap transportation. It is probably more an indictment that Hondas are not due any price premium in today's market. As to the exchange rate, the dealers would sell everyone they could if the metal was moving. And a serious question as you are a dog owner - do you carry your dogs somewhere every day?

  • Tedward Tedward on Feb 03, 2010

    "do you carry your dogs somewhere every day?" I do to some extent, a dog walk turning into a grocery run for instance. Really I need it on the weekends, when it's my gf and I, the 2 dogs and luggage for a 400 mile roundtrip. We make the trip probably about every other weekend (more maybe) so we definitely have unusual driving needs. Also, I'm often putting 4 big dogs in the car on the weekends (2 giant schnauzer males and 2 standard poodle bitches), so the 2 compartment arrangement in the back can be kind of clutch. Still, I'd have taken a car with smaller interior room (where I think you're going with that question) if one existed that was both a) cheaper than the Fit and b) better to drive (not equivalent). Both would need to happen before the utility of the minivan shape could be written off.

  • Wulfgar Wulfgar on Feb 03, 2010

    Good deal - just curious. I have 4 dogs (large and medium and small) but live on 20 acres. They get in my truck sometimes but that is usually only on the way to the vet. I do like the Fit and we might pick up a used one on day. Just won't be for the "Magic" seat configuration.

  • YYYYguy YYYYguy on Feb 03, 2010

    I have an 07 that I got to replace an Element. I can take a full set of drums around in it, a full pole saw, along with just about anything else I can throw at it. As one brought up in a Ford family of sorts, I think they have a winner here...probably a bit expensive now though.