By on February 8, 2010

Furious Fuschia counterpoint after the jump.

If this is man’s last stand, color me confused.

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38 Comments on “Dodge’s Last Stand...”

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    Billy Bobb 2

    Was this year’s theme “Moron, Subservient Dudes”?

    Between the hand-held TV for the mouth breather dragged to the mall by Alpha Wife, and these dickless Dodge guys day-dreaming, are man hating bitter women running the ad industry?

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      Billy Bobb 2, I noticed that, too.

      I didn’t mind the Dodge ad, but I question the wisdom of using the phrase “last stand” to promote a product from a company on death’s door.

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      or man-loving men.

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      “man hating bitter women running the ad industry”

      Easy on the misogyny there, bud. No need to start lashing out at women over some idiotic ad.

      It’s obvious that Dodge ad folks are children trying to feed backwards stereotypes that cater to the “woe-is-me” emasculated man who is apparently so insecure about his own testosterone levels that the only way he can feel comfortable is with this ridiculous (and, in my opinion, fugly) “muscle” car.

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      The ads weren’t exactly flattering to women, either. I can’t believe Madison Avenue has come to have this much contempt for literally 100% of it’s audience.

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    crash sled

    That ad reeks of Government Motors.

    Please Please let us buy/sell performance. Please. Pretty please. With sugar on it.

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    “What I want to drive” isn’t a terrible slogan for the Dodge brand.

    However, that is all I have positive to say about the ad.

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    A little lengthy for the money shot.

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    Dedicating one of those 60 seconds to a quick shot of the 2011 Charger would have sent the entire auto blogosphere abuzz, but unfortunately they missed that opportunity.

    A noted improvement over recent Chrysler ads, but if I were a Charger driver I wouldn’t exactly appreciate the stereotype that I’m some sort of subservient manbitch.

    Also, real men wear pink, and that fuchsia Challenger is a beauty.

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      I was also hopping for the same 2011 Charger shot but it didn’t happen. Fiat is a lot more tight lipped when coming out with new product. Just take a look at the Camaro, when did it finally hit the street? 2010, and I feel like it debuted 5 years ago. Actually, I think it was that long ago, but we didn’t see it out on the street till last year.

      Here is the best 2011 Chargers I’ve seen:

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      Which is the way you are supposed to be. Growing up, I always thought the point was to be secretive about your future products so that you will surprise/beat the competition when they dropped. Instead, look at GM: They had been showing the Volt off so much that by the time it reaches showroom floors, everybody will be sick of it and there will be loads of competitors waiting to kick its ass. Now, if GM would have unveiled the Volt this year and said it is going into production in the fall, they would have turned the industry on its ear, given everyone reason to believe that they still had some “fight” in them, and would have at least a 2 year monopoly on the EV market. Instead, they flaunted it all throughout its development, and now the competition will be ready when it hits the showroom floor.

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    Everyone at my Super Bowl party giggled at Dodge’s “Manly” commerical. But frankly the SB overall had a weak line up of ad spots, so Dodge didn’t have much competition.

    However Hot Pink? With colors like Yellow, Green, heck even Purple available, they picked Fushsia (Magenta) for their man rides? Ummmm no thanks… not that there is anything wrong with that ;)

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    I tuned this commercial out fairly quickly. It was just some guys staring back and me and someone speaking in a monotone voice. It was nonsense. In fact very few ads were worth watching this year.

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      I’m glad it wasn’t just me that thought that about the ads. Quite dull for the most part. Is everyone so scared to death of the FCC’s decency standards that they won’t even joke around anymore?

      And what was up with that Budweiser ‘Human Bridge’ clip? Quite the alcoholic little town to garner that sort of cooperation amongst its residents to get a beer delivery.

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      jf: Do you actually think beer ads communicate reality? There hasn’t been a single beer ad in the history of television that has painted a realistic situation. There have been quite a few MADD spots that are rather realistic … but those really aren’t about beer.

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      I’m not sure what I said that makes you think I thought that particular commercial has any bearing on a real town, group of people or situation. I merely commented on the spot’s story line.

      I do, however, believe that MADD communicates a distorted view of reality so I sort of agree with you on that point.

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    According to this years Superbowl ads:

    1)All men are idiot, immature slobs (seriously, you’re complaining about putting your laundry away? And you’re an adult?) who are on the verge of either going insane or murdering their wives/girlfrieds,

    2)All women are nagging, bitchy buzzkills who hate fun.

    Misandry and misogyny! Way to go, Madison Avenue, you alienated all your consumers! Or at least those that don’t hate themselves.

    The Bud Light commercial that basically says “HAHA READING IS FOR FAGZ!” takes the cake, though. We really are just a few decades away from “Ow! My Balls!”

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    Great ad. I’m sure it’s a little over-the-head of a lot of readers on this site but probably hit home with the targeted market.

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      So what’s the targeted market?

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      The same as beer ads. You live a boring mundane life? Have to put up with crap from your boss at work? You’re girl getting on your case? Here. Drink this beer. Bam! Lifes a party with all the beautiful people attending and you’re the star attraction! It’s that simple. Commercials are not that complex. Or Creative. The creativity comes from HOW you present the message, not the message itself. I think this was pretty creative in that vein. Seriously, you folks are over analysing this.

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      @ windswords:

      I don’t think Get Drunk – Life’s Great!


      “a little over-the-head of a lot of readers on this site but probably hit home with the targeted market” – mikeolan

      @ oldyak – There’s nothing “to get” about this ad. It’s just bad. Bertel C4C is of course correct!

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    Minorly amusing, but it seems kind of pathetic by the end. Will that really sell cars?

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    Seth L

    I admit, I don’t get the point. It wasn’t particularly good, it wasn’t particularly edgy, and remember, Dodge has been here before. The 2004 Durango ads generated loads of press on a similar premis,and Dodge sponsored (and then dropped out of, I think?) lingerie bowl that year, again generating piles of press.

    So it’s a well trodden road, and this is a weak effort, showcasing a weak (but admittedly, it’s the last vehicle in it’s niche) vehicle.

    Unless it’s a parody, then well done, but to subtle.

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    crash sled

    “I always thought the point was to be secretive about your future products so that you will surprise/beat the competition when they dropped. Instead, look at GM: They had been showing the Volt off so much…”


    Why would GM want to hide the Volt?

    The Volt has always been a PR campaign, nothing more. It’s fulfilled its purpose, making everybody think GM is all green, and to warm the envirowhackos’ cockles.

    Volt is a loser, and it doesn’t matter if it’s ever built. The PR campaign seems to have worked, and Government Motors invested heavily, which was the whole point.

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    I thought it was entertaining….and captured the daily lives of a lot of men in the married family way.
    If some of you don`t get it, I understand but don`t bash us that DO!

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      +1 People, its a reality ad and a pretty good one at that, not to be converted into a soapbox to exclaim how much holier you are than the next person!

      To a vast majority of the other posters so far – because its the internet, we all know the truth, you aren’t shiny perfect, 21rst century, with it, goody goody males! You are just making it up before you shut off the computer and then go out into your real world! Who do you think you are fooling?

      I liked the ad for a completely separate reason, it showcases the SOUND! The Hemi sound is the only selling point for this bloated ill handling pig, and finally an ad agency “gets it”.

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      @ dougjp:

      I hope you’re kidding. Who said anything about being “holier […] than the next person”?

      Here’s my take on people that think they are what they ride:

      If your life sucks so much that your only source of joy is driving your car, perhaps you need to make a few changes beyond your choice of transportation. I think the ad would’ve worked better if it was less grim and more humorous. To me, every one of those saps looks just as dumb as South Park’s Harley dudes.

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    Martin Schwoerer

    Way to go, Dodge!
    “Charger, the car for guys who are insecure about their masculinity and hate their jobs”.
    Other brands could learn from this approach that reaches out to the modern man’s feeling of joylessness, unimportance, replaceability. How about an ad about guys who don’t get any (respect) from their wives but feel sexy and potent again when driving a Porsche?

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    I did read this while breakfast was brought to my bed. If you don’t want to be bugged about the toilet seat, don’t get a Dodge. Get a Japanese import.

    Seriously, this commercial is BAD. I positions the car as C4C: Car for cuckolds.

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      And here is where I’ll argue in favor of the domestic examples… LOL!
      Guys, if you’ve got woman problems then you weren’t picky enough back when you were “shopping”.
      I meet couples all the time that make me wonder why they go through the pain of staying together.
      There really are women who appreciate their man fixing what is broken around the house and taking care of their family. Women who don’t mind their guy playing —errr, working out in the garage on an old car.
      Maybe your abode is too maintenance free! ;) Fire the lawn service and mow your own grass. Maybe then she won’t care about you watching a little TV.
      I seriously know a couple where he has either hired out his chores or made sure they had as maintenance-free lifestyle as possible while she is stuck still making dinner, doing the laundry, cleaning house and picking up after him. And he won’t help. Naturally she has a short fuse where he is concerned… LOL!

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    Fuschia – Otherwise known as “Panther Pink” (Dodge) or “Moulin Rouge” (Plymouth). It’s a heritage color, harking back to the days of “flower power”, “make love, not war”, etc. The only reason they are not calling it Panther Pink is that Hollywood will sue them (Pink Panther).

    There is a website tht list all the “high impact” colors that Mopar offered in the late 60’s – early 70’s including this list of proposed colors that was rejected by Chrysler execs:

    Catch Me Copper [I don’t see the problem with this one, heh heh]
    Unforseeable Fuicha
    Statutory Grape
    Gang Green
    Well Red
    Cost Of Living Rose
    Fisher Body Rust [LOL!]
    Hi-Ho Silver [probably copyrighted]
    Frank Lloyd White

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      My favorite Chrysler color name of the psychedelic era – and I think this one was actually offered – was “Crystal Blue Persuasion.”

      It should be reintroduced in a low-cost version of the Caliber, with the balance shafts removed from the engine. Then they could advertise, “Crystal Blue Persuation. It’s a New Vibration.”

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    “1)All men are idiot, immature slobs (seriously, you’re complaining about putting your laundry away? And you’re an adult?) who are on the verge of either going insane or murdering their wives/girlfrieds,

    2)All women are nagging, bitchy buzzkills who hate fun.”

    …..personal experience tells me that #2 is the cause of #1…..except for you baby (just in case she is reading this)

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    Most advertisements that I catch on TV are extremely idiotic; I didn’t think this one was any better or worse. The surprise for me was that Dodge (Chrysler, Fiat et. al) came up with the scratch to broadcast on what is undoubtedly the most expensive TV advertising landscape.

    Unfortunately for Chrysler, their credibility is so damaged at this point that I doubt they could advertise anything without a lot of second-guessing.

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      Here’s a few ideas for Chrysler:

      1. Get a spokesperson. Ford has Mike, Mercury has Jill, Chevy has Howie. Get someone people like and trust, and stick with them. If Sergio is up to the challenge, even better, but that doesn’t always work.

      2. Show us your currently shipping, best products. Overall, Chrysler’s lineup may be NSFWed, but a Jeep is still a Jeep, there’s a market for Charger/Challenger, and the pickups don’t completely suck.

      3. Show us some soon-to-be imports. Fiat has some appealing cars, and I’m sure they know which models will be available in the near future. Show us a few of those after the vehicles from #2 have a chance to shine.

      4. Don’ts. Don’t show some dippy concept that’ll never see production. Don’t talk about a tech that won’t be available for 5+ years. Don’t feature cars from the glory years in an attempt to rub some of their success onto new products. Don’t spend $3-$4 million you don’t have for a single chunk of air time. Don’t ever say Sebring again.

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      Toasty:+5000 on #4!

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    Why all the fuss? The Charger R/T is a muscle car at a decent price. The one I test drove was almost as much fun as my sister’s C6 Corvette. With a better interior, I would have bought the car. These are joyless times and life is too damned short. Why not have some fun? And the Charger R/T is a fun car for the cost of something boring. In that respect, the ad is very effective.

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