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Nissan Juke, Nissan's sub-Rogue crossover

Nissan stumbles into Scion territory with this teaser image of its new compact crossover, the Juke, to be built in Britain starting this year. The Juke is supposed to bridge the gap between the Qashqai (Rogue) soft-roader and the Note compact MPV. Because someone, somewhere wants a compact crossover with less capability than a Rogue and less rear visibility than a Note. The hunt for that confused consumer is now officially on.

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13 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: The Juke’s On You Edition...”

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    Har har! The juke’s on you! No pitcher!

    Dere it is!
    Guess the xA is merging with a Mazda3?

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    Reminds me of the Dodge Hornet compact they wanted to make with Chrapsler / Fiatsler as of 2yrs ago..

    Guess they got their wish… = BUTT UGLY!

    Lets flair those fenders out juuuuust a bit more.

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    Philip Riegert

    Other than the fact it is awful – someone will buy it. And regret it.

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    Ever see the Seinfeld where Jerry’s girlfriend is scary looking in the dark and good looking in the light?  Well, I don’t think you could generate enough light to make this one good looking……..

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      I thought it was the other way around?  She was good looking in the dark but scary in the light?
      I’m kind of confused though, if a company makes econo-lamey-cars (Toyota/Lexus) people complain about lack of styling effort.  If someone makes a wacky looking car, people complain.  If car companies make middle-of-the-road fodder (Citroën, VW, Ford), then people complain.  If a company sticks with a design for decades (Porsche), people complain.  I’m sensing a recurring theme here.

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    Who has the job of thinking up car names?
    The word “Juke” spelt with either a J or a D has an enormous variety of disturbing and unpleasant meanings.

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    What is it with Renault/Nissan and the constant rehashing of the Vel Satis design theme? Riffing on beauty creates pleasant results, but riffing on ugly just creates more ugly.
    I think I’d go back to an Aztek. At least the two halves welded together weren’t this bad.

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    It took me several seconds to accept that this was not another ugly Peugeot. But then it became obvious it was another Japanese afterbirth from the School of Leave No Square Inch Un-molested. Copying the Soul and Mazda CX-7 AND Peugeot?!

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    Isn’t this just an unspectacular ICE version of Leaf? It seems like the same monocoque at least…

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    It’s only the low angle of the front fascia that bothers me.  We’ll see more of it in the light, but in that photo a more snub nose would’ve looked better.

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    Aside from the schizophrenic lighting treatment in the front, I’m not sure if I hate this. Have to see some other pics.

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    Visit the Site!!
    I was browsing Nissan’s site, and after I saw the Juke, I decided to see what additional thoughts were on here.
    One the image you have posted, is not very good.. do check out the nissan site for more inside & out pix).. This car is awesome! I can not wait till it arrives in the US!
    The interior is stunning, the console area looks like they parked a motor bike.. but as odd as that sounds it is so unique I love it!
    the dash is uncluttered, and logical.. love the nav-system layout!
    the exterior looks more like it is a street legal dune buggy. It has a high stance, with a squatty appearance.
    Again I like what I am seeing.. definitely an interesting & beautiful vehicle.. a wonderful switch from what floods the market now.
    Other notes about the appearance.. the tail end received some inspiration from the Nissan Z.. you will see that in the taill lights.
    Again, I like what I see,and I want to see more of it!

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