What's Wrong With This Picture: Niche Edition

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
what s wrong with this picture niche edition

Having a hard time understanding the stream of inexplicable niche products coming out of the German automakers recently? Mercedes isn’t about to make things any easier. According to the latest print edition of Auto Motor und Sport, Mercedes has fallen so far down the segment-busting rabbit hole, it’s planning a “Shooting Brake” wagon version of its already-confusing four-door coupe, the CLS. Intended, of course, to compete with the BMW 5GT and Audi A7. Look for a concept inspired by this 2008 ConceptFascination study to debut at this fall’s Paris Auto Show. Then expect Audi and BMW’s designers to drop even more acid and talk their bosses into producing a landaulet-roofed, seven-door, MPV-coupe. You know, just to see if Mercedes makes one too.

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  • MadHungarian MadHungarian on Jan 04, 2010

    What would be the reason to buy this odd duck instead of the Cadillac CTS wagon?

    • No_slushbox No_slushbox on Jan 04, 2010

      Or to instead get an absolute hell of a deal on this car's close cousin, the Dodge Magnum, if any are still sitting on lots.

  • Imag Imag on Jan 05, 2010

    I actually think that's the only good-looking car I've seen from Merc lately. The wagonization is the only thing that makes those rear fenders work for me.

  • Oosh Oosh on Jan 05, 2010
    '...a landaulet-roofed, seven-door, MPV-coupe.' Do I smell a Photoshop contest? :D

  • Accs Accs on Jan 09, 2010

    I think MB is really really bored.