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Oy! (courtesy:Autocar)

The Aston Martin Cygnet: because the auto industry just isn’t surreal enough these days. For its next trick, the Aston Martin grille will be appearing on a Corolla. Is there a photoshopper in the house?

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32 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: When Do We Get A Zagato Version? Edition...”

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    Is this a $50k economy Aston Martin? Talk about a company that has completely lost its way.

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    I’ve heard the V12 Vantage edition is the one to have.

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    I’ll be interested when gas hits $50 a gallon.

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    They’re doing this because they have to: EU fuel economy rules don’t leave them much choice. This little city car — nicely trimmed, and for sale to existing Aston owners only — lets them build more V12 howlers.
    And it’s not like they aren’t aware of the implications… remember that the Ugly Duckling was actually a cygnet (aka a baby swan).

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    This is just sick. And to think that I was concerned about BMW releasing a FWD 1 Series. Maybe they can just give these away with the purchase of one of their “real” Astons as a little runabout for when it’s raining or something.

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    Gawd, that’s just plain wrong! They’re actually gonna try to sell that thing?  I do believe the end of the world is nigh.

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    It reminds me of a clapped out civic with a BMW grille grafted on.  What an abomination.

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    With an interior like that who cares what it looks like from the outside. Just close your eyes until you enter it. Price it under 25,000 and I will be driving it home today!
    People buy the smart car and that is butt ugly compared to this.

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    C’mon, folks, let ’em give it a try. I for one would like to see the link between auto size and status disappear. This skateboard doesn’t look any more ridiculous than the typical new SUV, fer instance. No way I’d be caught dead in this thing, but if there’s even a market out there for a Lexus Prius, then I can’t say for sure this is going to be a bomb until it hits the showroom.

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      I hear you on the link between size and status but the fact that this isn’t even rear drive or have any distinctive engineering content is really jarring and too much of a stretch for the brand.  Regardless of how good it might be it simply can’t be good enough to live up to the expectations of an Aston Martin, hence it’s the epitome of brand cheapening.

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      @ midelectric

      this car is rear wheel drive, it’s even rear engined.

      however if it handles anything like the car it’s based on i wouldn’t expect anything good.

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      sorry, my crack wore off, it is fwd, i was thinking of the fortwo

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    If it has 250hp and is less than $35k, let me know.

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    This thing shows up in the next 007 movie, I’m going to hang myself.

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    Tricky Dicky

    Only an owner of a proper Aston Martin will be allowed to buy one, so it has to be a second/ third/ fourth car.  For the urban rich who want to get around in something exclusive AND nippy, this is it. It’s a rebadged Toyota iQ, but Aston Martin will spend almost twice the cost of the vehicle on re-upholstering the interior. I see they’ve eschewed subtle for “loud and proud”.

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    Toyota should be flattered by this iQ imitation.

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    My eyes!!!

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    When does the next episode of Top Gear come out.  Would love to see Jeremy Clarkson’s rant about this.

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    If A-M makes this thing they should call it  a “Stupid Car”; as one other poster said, talk about losing your way.

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    It’s a Toyota, so you can drive it around while your proper Aston is in the shop.

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    It’s just wrong. If they have to bring down the average mpg, why not reclad a Miata?
    Just mass sell a $60k Aston Miata to everyone interested. That will be the best “British” sports car in a long while.

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    Dwarfism is a genetic defect that can suddenly appear in the finest of bloodlines.  Assuming that to be the case,  I, for one,  am proud of the Aston Family of cars for not hiding this deformed child and instead, presenting it to the world. Other companies would never have dreamed of putting their family name on such a mutant child.  Despite its limitations in size, power, handling, dignity, and general ability, surely  it can perform some useful role in our society while proudly flaunting the Aston Name.

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    This is exactly what happens when government regulation gets out of control. They HAVE to make this car. they are FORCED to make this car because regulation pays no care to legacy, history, or brand. The EU says you must build cars that meet efficiency/carbon/emissions/economy/etc, so to pull the average in-line with regulation Aston is doing what they HAVE to do: gaming the system.
    Don’t blame Aston-Martin for this, blame the regulators.

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    Everyone is doing brand extensions nowadays. If you can get a vanilla Oreo with chocolate frosting, and there are approximately thirty-seven versions of Colgate toothpaste, why shouldn’t there be an Aston-Martin in the just-above-kei-car category? Next we will no doubt see Vauxhall’s new competitor for the Bentley Arnage.

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    It’ll look fine with the right wheels.

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    This thing doesn’t even have a sexy dual pipe exhaust!  All I can say is that this makes my beloved Brabus Smart Coupe look even better (and besides, the Brabus ForTwo has real performance upgrades and, while not fine Corinthian Leather, it has nice leather seats nonetheless.)

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    If this abomination is the result of European legislation that’s as ridiculous as the car itself. How many cars does AM sell per year in Europe, several hundred?
    With this, the upcoming sedan and the SUV/CUV prototype shown a while ago AM just needs a pickup to be a full line maker.

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    It looks like the lovechild of a Sebring and a Fiat 500. 

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    Kristjan Ambroz

    Actually AM sells several thousand. As already mentioned the Cygnet will only be sold to people, who purchase one of the other AMs. It will be the first AM ever with a healthy reliability and the first since the DB6 without ultra cheap interior fittings from the lowiest of Fords, or old generation Volvos marring all that leather, wood and thick carpets. ;)
    Is it the death of a brand? Hardly – they will not be offered outside of Europe and in Europe they will signify quite well that your other car is an AM, much better than a Mini or something else that many owners drive in town. Contrary to what someone else said this will be by far the most technologically advanced AM on sale, too, being iQ based. To be honest it is probably one of the best possible donor cars, if you really feel the need for such a move. And given how healthy some of AMs owners are financially this very moment, every little added cashflow will really help.
    All that said I am still not necessarily in favour of the thing. Now if it was powered by a high revving motorcycle engine supported by a hybrid powertrain for low down torque, it would be an instant winner :D

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