By on December 10, 2009

eRuf Stormster. Really.

Yes, the world is officially crazy enough for Siemens and Ruf to consider building an electric Cayenne. Er, excuse me, eRuf Stormster. Range is about 110 miles, but the top speed is only 92 mph, presumably to prevent unseemly snickering at the prospect of running out of power after an hour of spirited driving. Let’s be fair about this: if the Stormster ever made it to production it should be good for about 90 minutes of “enthusiast” range to go with its nine second zero-to-60 time. Jerks.

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11 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: Staying Current Edition...”

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    It say’s “Dong” on the door?

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      Sir, you took my shot!

      I, however, was going to go with “Usually, you drive a car with this badge on it because you’re ashamed of people seeing your dong”.

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      Well… if Siemen and Dong collaborate to build this car in Cumming, Georgia, they will undoubted have the late night circuit slathered in jokes. A singular stroke of genius for free marketing everywhere.

      I’d totally offer a rainbow paint job as a $10K “upgraded midtown package”.

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      Add in that many people see Porsches as “dong” substitutes.

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    I was going to say something snarky about this, but I realized that it’s probably the right platform for this project.   After all, how many Cayennes are driven more than 100 miles in town anyway?  I mean, Kindergarten and the grocery store are usually fairly close.
    On the other hand, the combined smug/douchebag odor may be enough to qualify as a pollutant.  That kind of defeats the whole thing, doesn’t it?

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    This is further proof that just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should.
    And what will the price premium be for this gem, $30k?

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    I mean, Kindergarten and the grocery store are usually fairly close.

    Hey now. Ms. Milfy Milfenburg,  sometimes has other places to go spend the good Doctor/Lawyer/Banker’s dinero. CPK takeout, drycleaners, confab with the club tennis pro – at Residence Inn… 
    Wouldn’t the frickin’ diesel running on WVO be faux-clean enough?

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    What’s that bug up your ***?
    The thing here is a great vehicle goes electric.  You’ve got some Exxon Stock you need to unload to appreciate this car?  You guys don’t get the beauty of not having a transmission, exhaust system, not going to a gas station, being able to plug in every night, or every third night?
    What’s wrong with 90 mph?  You drive faster that that?  You insane.
    Why did they build this car?  When you get a minute Google “Electric” and “Porsche”.  Sheesh.  This is the COOL, cutting Edge stuff.  Gas is Boring and Dead.  I just don’t get you guys.

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    I was thinking this might be a Porsche-funded stalking horse, intended to sniff out where there were a sub-niche here that might be exploited.

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    Kristjan Ambroz

    On top of that the venture is financed with Ruf’s own money (not the US taxpayers’) and might enable them to make a giant leap forward. If they’ll get it right, they might well steal Tesla’s thunder – in Europe at least.
    On top of that many Cayennes get moved in exactly the way described by ScottMcG, so whether the thing is powered by petrol, diesel or invisible pink unicorn dust really will not diminish its appeal.

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    Why the hell would anyone want an electric Porsche? What’s next a pedal powered moto-Guzzi?

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    There’s very little wrong with this picture, as usual.  Heaven forbid that companies look to replace gas guzzlers with electric vehicles.  And woe is us who believe that progress isn’t a four-letter word.

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